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Comment: i put a book up for the kindle (Score 1) 398

by maryjanecapri (#25781583) Attached to: On the Economics of the Kindle
and have yet to see a sale. this is sad considering you can buy the book for under 5.00. i thought the whole kindle publishing metaphor could easily create a new path to publication for writers who can't get published because the economy is keeping the standard path to publishing open to new (and not-so-new) writers. the problem is that amazon doesn't do much for PR for new writers for the kindle. they could easily market new writers and have an entirely new revenue stream based on writers you can not read anywhere else (at least until they are established). anyway - if you're curious - the book is called Shero. it's a super hero book.
Social Networks

+ - MySpace closing accounts without warning

Submitted by maryjanecapri
maryjanecapri (597594) writes "Yesterday I got a call from my step daughter (14 years old) crying because her myspace page was canceled. This was the third time this has happened. The reason it was canceled was because her real father reported her for something — that "thing" we can't figure out. The thing is, I watch her page daily and she does nothing against the EULA. And yet he has been able to "report" her for "something" and the page disappears (and without her getting any advanced notice of the page going down.) I emailed myspace about the issue to which they gave me a link to the EULA and told me that once a page is gone it can no longer be retrieved. As well they said they do not keep any records as to why a page is canceled. This struck me as odd seeing as how there could be some liability involved. What would happen if there was a suicide or a murder where myspace was involved? How would the FBI respond to myspace saying "we have no record of that page?" I would love o know if myspace does, in fact, not keep records or databases of closed accounts."
User Journal

Journal: How to find open source developers 3

Journal by maryjanecapri

Here's the deal: I am a hair stylist for a salon. I am also a long-time Linux user (pre 2.0 kernel circa 1995). I am not, unfortunately, a developer. I have been combing the net for an application to use at our salon for booking of clients, stylists calendars, inventory, and client information. The program must be open source, and run on Linux. The problems are:

1) I have no budget for this.
2) All salon software seems to be Windows or Mac only.

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