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Comment Rotation around sun != n * (rotation on axis) (Score 1) 337 337

There is no magical calendar that will solve the leap year problem.

1. We like to use the earth's rotation about it's own axis to measure days. Its nice, we wake up when the sun comes up.

2. We like to use the earths rotation about the sun the measure years. Its nice, january is always cold and summer is always hot.

These are two completely independent time domains where one is not an even multiple of the other, therefore they cannot be made to be in phase with each other, therefore assuming you like #1 and #2 then you are stuck with some sort of periodic correction (leap year)

Comment Improper sampling technique, I'm sure (Score 1) 189 189

"DivorceOnline" sampled 5000 divorced couples. Were they users of DivorceOnline? Were these 5000 folks chosen from a particularly tech-friendly subset of the overall divorced population?

This just in! Slashdot poll reveals 50% of adult males still live with their parents.

Comment Ha! So apple DOES use it (Score 3, Funny) 197 197

("Whether Apple Inc. uses the glass in its iPod is a much-discussed mystery since 'not all our customers allow us to say,' said [the] general manager of Corning's specialty materials division.")

Does Apple use the glass? I can't tell you. Because when they started using it they told us we couldn't tell anyone.


Comment "My iPad has no 3G, therefore it has no GPS." (Score 1) 750 750

> My iPad has no 3G, therefore it has no GPS.

Can someone explain this to me? I know there are hokey ways to triangulate location using the cell network but I thought true "GPS" enabled systems had an actual receiver for actual, honest to goodness GPS satellites. So I don't understand why no-3G implies no GPS.


Comment "Nintendo" and "Wii" in all the headlines.... (Score 4, Interesting) 1343 1343

... But you have to read the article to see "Smith and Wesson". Unreal.

I can see where the conversation gets muddy when someone commits a violent act after playing violent video games. Not saying anything about that beyond that its at least an interesting topic. But when a TODDLER finds a LOADED GUN ON A COFFEE TABLE and SHOOTS HERSELF WITH IT are we really going to try to blame it on VIDEO GAMES?!?!?!

Comment Re:Oh God, not the bourbon. (Score 5, Insightful) 766 766

So "The System Worked", uhh, how?

1. If you RTFA you'd see that Greenpeace lawyers had to go to great lengths and fight a mess of court battles to get at the data that shows this problem.
2. This corn is out in the food supply, and its not impossible that cross-pollination/etc is causing it to spread to other food sources.
3. I have no way of determining in the supermarket if either of these 3 varieties, or varieties which include these proteins, are present in the package of corn I'm about to buy.

You GM fanboys are fighting a straw-man. Folks like me don't hate the idea. I'd like to end world hunger. I'd like my car to run off sugar made from some superplant. What I don't want is some corporation like Monsanto to have no oversight, conflicts of interest all around (HELLO? They _fought_ the release of this information. They'd rather you die from liver disease than see a negative impact on their profits. Why the hell are you coming to their defense?) poisoning our food supply because they didn't want to spend the money or the effort to do it RIGHT.

Doesn't it bug you that all those left wing GM-hating nutjobs were RIGHT? This is _exactly_ what we feared would happen. Its not the idea of GM we hate. Its Monsanto. And You. And all the other idiots who don't take a second to think about what MIGHT happen if poor oversight is mixed with singleminded financial motivation.

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