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Comment: Streaming? ain't got time for that (or bandwidth) (Score 1) 116

by marxz (#47218129) Attached to: Physical Media: Down, But Maybe Not Out
despite living in a major city, in a suburb popular with young educated professionals, all we have access to in much of the area is 4G, which tends to be a washout at peak times (a youtube video at low quality is a "go away and read a book" while it caches is par for the course at 6am-7am and 6pm through to 10pm weekdays).
Given I can drive down to my local bricks and mortar store, buy a 1080 def blueray (for pocket change) drive home AND watch half the movie before a download of a 420 def movie has cached enough to not splutter, jerk and pause regularly (and that's on the services that allow significant caching) I think I'll be waiting a long, long time for broadband upgrade (or moving to some other geographical location) before streaming movies becomes my service of choice (and don't even get me started on regional licensing where the low level of any quality content (talking artistic quality not def this time) makes the locally available subscription models a bad joke.

Comment: print... data? are you mad? (Score 1) 266

by marxz (#42806395) Attached to: For personal printing, not work, I usually use ...
I only print photos. I do this on an opto-chemical system....
Sometimes I print out digital images on an inkjet but greyscale invert them and print them on to inkjet overhead projector mylar film... that I then use it the above opto-chemical system to produce greyscale correct images.
some may call this "gelatin silver photographic processing" though sometimes I might use other chemicals such as carbon or platinum/paladium processes.

Comment: not within practical distance. (Score 1) 105

by marxz (#42175785) Attached to: I go to trade shows (of any kind) ...
as my job doesn't involve haul pack trucks or horizontal drilling rigs the closest relevant trade shows are in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, some 3,000 klm + away.
so between 3 days to a week away from the desk, airfares, hotels bills, and entrance fees once every two years is about all I can manage

Comment: not a a real doctor (Score 1) 178

by marxz (#42102267) Attached to: Compared to my siblings ...
only one of 4 sibling that doesn't have, or is in the process of getting, a PHD and/or a second (or even a first) Masters or Grad Dip. most of my vocation certifications are somewhat expired, my Apple one by over 15 years (I'm certified to repair your Mac Plus (and still have my 20~cm long torx head tool for said boxes) but not certified to repair your iMac), Microsoft certification is mostly server 2000 era, and unix certificates date back to IBM AIX 4!!)

Comment: Re:what are "Pennys"? (Score 1) 202

by marxz (#40734277) Attached to: Three-Strikes Copyright Law In NZ Halves Infringement

The plural of penny is pennies. Penny's refers to something belonging to a girl called Penny.

NZ switched to decimal currency in 1967 ("the 10th of July - next year") After that date the most common use of that coin was to improve the electrical connection in torches that used D size batteries.

which only goes to show you how much we post pounds and pennys... I mean pennies... antipodeans know about these penny things - I was born 1967 so have no real/practical experience with the old money.

Comment: Re:really guys? really? (Score 1) 587

by marxz (#39963053) Attached to: DVDs, Blu-Rays To Show 20-Second Unskippable Govt. Warnings
+1 I've set this up for both my sisters on their media centres because they were just so sick and tired of kids DVD's they bought for their children having 5 minutes or even more of unskippable advertisements for toys they don't want their kids to have (because they already have lockers full of crap they don't play with) and shows they do not want them to watch

Comment: already done here... (Score 1) 587

by marxz (#39963011) Attached to: DVDs, Blu-Rays To Show 20-Second Unskippable Govt. Warnings
at least with DVD's - one reason I now buy blurays as much as possible is not just the higher quality (and many are not even that) is that they don't, yet, have this (and, ironically, they are often cheaper than the DVD version).
And if I have to buy a DVD it gets ripped, sans warnings and menu, and put on my media server.
seriously I'll admit to torrenting a fair number of shows (all ones that aren't shown locally) but I have 3 whole shelfs on a bookcase full of legit DVD's and BluRays two deep two high (300+ at last count (that and a couple of thousand CD's accumulated over 20 years) and will pre order shows I know I like from viewing the torrents so odds on bet I'm one of their best customers....
and I hate that these people treat me as their enemy - every time I'm forced to sit through these stupid "you wouldn't steal a car why steal this movie" shite on a DVD I've just coughed up real cash for another straw is added to the camels back that will eventually say "fsck you twunts"

Comment: so would lunch there be mandatory? (Score 2) 234

by marxz (#39816107) Attached to: Apple Planning To Build Private Restaurant
Not surprise, indeed kind of surprised it's 1: not already the case, 2: it would raise any interest external to the enterprise concerned, In fact in house restaurants or cafes (or for the down market canteens) are pretty much De jure for most of the large research organisations I've worked for. Actually one good thing about them is it encourages conversation between areas that would normally not have communications beyond hierarchical memo passing and divisional manager meetings so, for a not entirely hypothetical example - people from the material sciences area end up talking over lunch to people from the electronic engineering area and people from the remote sensing area and so a project is born to build more resistant tidal sensors that don't need to be replaced every 3 or 4 months.

Comment: Re:farewell Mobious (Score 1) 64

by marxz (#39334207) Attached to: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud Dies At 73
yeh been there done that a couple of years ago (though my preferred liquid painkiller is a good rum or a premium Irish or Bourbon ) . Fortunately this was "only just" a broken tooth that needed extraction.
and damn slashdot for not allowing you to edit your own posts (though I understand the reason)

Comment: Re:I Will Kill Him! (Score 3, Insightful) 64

by marxz (#39323675) Attached to: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud Dies At 73

The reference is incorrect. He did not have involvement with the produced Dune films. Credit where it's due, he did a lot of great stuff. Just not Dune.

he did work for _A_ Dune film. Sadly just not one that ever got shot.

the drawing referred to above is this one:

Comment: farewell Mobious (Score 5, Interesting) 64

by marxz (#39323505) Attached to: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud Dies At 73
Ever since the late 70's when I first saw a copy of "Metal Hurlant" SciFi comic book art has been one of my passions and the name "Moebious" was one of the first I learnt and whose fabulously expressive work I obsessed over. The incredible number of artists he inspired across the world is amazing, from comic/manga artists like Shir Masamune to film makers such as Ridley Scott to authors such as William Gibson. Some years ago I looked across my book cases, upper shelves crammed with works of modern science fiction spanning various genres, lower shelves stacked with western and asian comic art books, and even a couple of shelves of DVDs and I realised a great many of these works are either directly, or with only one degree of separation, influenced by Moebious's work.

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