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Comment Bring back the Law of Jante (Score 1) 430

Well, good. What kind of desperate tool are you that would want to? Do enough and go home, and stop racing one another to the bottom, instead of conspiring with management to get far less than what you should have just because you need to grandstand.

Get over yourself. For real.

Comment How is that like high school? (Score 1) 430

Since, in this day and age, labor is less and less required and makes less and less sense as a basis for distributing basic human needs, the only real purpose it serves is to "keep the working-class poor", as Arthur Young put it. So why are we playing along again?

Comment They'll smother themselves in due course (Score 1) 188

No, it's saying that "these people don't want us to talk about them, so if you want us to talk about you, you'd better not either". Then again, why aren't they shunning Universal Pictures too for the good of the community?

Oh, of course, it's because they're Americans, and Americans have been programmed from birth to believe solidarity is cheating even while the rich collude right in front of their faces every day.

Comment You say "idiot tax", I say "trap" (Score 1) 247

Because the real idiot is the one who thinks that professional police exist to enforce the law fairly, whereas, in fact, they exist to reproduce a subordinate, beaten-down working class.

You know, the "idiots" that make your enchanted techno-life possible won't have to worry about you when you're riding a lamp post. You might want to think about that real hard before you open your arrogant fly-hole again, child. Americans have overstayed their welcome in the world and should all STFU.

Comment Class interests (Score 1) 320

I know Americans' heads are so full of BS that they can't understand the roles surrounding the means of production, but there are definite class interests involved here. They're protecting the popular credibility of industrial medicine against competitors, and thus the value of their skills and their value to their corporate sponsors, against a world with new information.

You're competing for your imaginary friends with MY life. Is there any reason that you're not completely expendable as a matter of self-defense?

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.