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Comment: Re:Mid-engine sports cars (Score 1) 117

by drinkypoo (#49566351) Attached to: The Engineer's Lament -- Prioritizing Car Safety Issues

There is no reason that a company couldn't custom design a safe frame first and build a car around that, but the big (3?) names aren't nimble enough or interested to become that until more Tesla-like companies come along to shake up the market.

It costs a lot to build a safe car. Tesla and Audi A8 drivers walk away from accidents that tear their cars in half. But you'll note that these are some of the most expensive cars to produce. Cadillac is now using the same techniques (plus some, so they can build an aluminum unibody with steel floor pans) so your wish has been granted, the first genuinely safe cars are coming out from a big 3 automaker. Problem is, they're coming from the marque that doesn't share platforms.

Comment: You say "idiot tax", I say "trap" (Score 1) 117

by marxmarv (#49566277) Attached to: The Engineer's Lament -- Prioritizing Car Safety Issues

Because the real idiot is the one who thinks that professional police exist to enforce the law fairly, whereas, in fact, they exist to reproduce a subordinate, beaten-down working class.

You know, the "idiots" that make your enchanted techno-life possible won't have to worry about you when you're riding a lamp post. You might want to think about that real hard before you open your arrogant fly-hole again, child. Americans have overstayed their welcome in the world and should all STFU.

Comment: Re:With the best will in the world... (Score 1) 388

The intent isn't to save more fuel though, it's to improve that 0-60 time,

They only shave a couple of tenths, though, because of all the mass they have to add to support the hybrid system. It makes a pretty small difference there. The only place it makes a big difference is in fuel economy. It brings supercars into the twenties and hypercars into the double digits. So I don't buy all that bollocks about it not being for fuel economy. The only exception is that Koenigsegg without gears, it truly couldn't function without it.

Comment: Re:Taste (Score 1) 514

by drinkypoo (#49565019) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Weird... I never worried about anything I ingest. But Sucralose / Splenda was the first thing that I ever drank that gave me an instant headache

Are you sure it didn't also have Acesulfame K?

I can taste aspartame right off, yuck. Never felt anything weird from it myself. But I still prefer sucralose, I've never felt anything weird from it either. I used a whole lot of it last time I was on the Atkins diet. My lady is afraid of it so we use stevia, and now monk fruit extract. When they bother to fill their shelves, Safeway now carries it without sugar, as a liquid. It's got some preservatives, of course, even though it sits on the shelf for about a picosecond.

Comment: Re:Still Acesulfame K (yuk!) (Score 1) 514

by drinkypoo (#49565009) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

The other sweetener I've seen showing up in sodas lately has been stevia. I normally avoid the stuff like the plague - tastes worse to me than aspartame does, though in a rotting-organic-bad way rather than a metallic-fake way. Maybe cola flavors can mask that, though.

No, no they can not. Cola in particular is horrible with Stevia. However, Zevia's Ginger Ale and Ginger Root Beer (which really just tastes like root beer) are both very good. I have been somewhat nauseated by their other flavors, so while this may be subjective, at least I'm discriminating.

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