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Comment Re:"quality of finish" does anybody really care? (Score 2) 94

I thought large bezels were absurd until I actually started using an assortment of portable devices. Now I realize that having a place for my fingers to wrap around to on a phone, or just a place to hold the thing between thumb and forefinger for a tablet, is actually a feature and not a problem. Having the screen right out to the edge means accidental touches on the side of the display, at least, for my fat fingers.

Comment Re:That's gonna be a nope (Score 1) 94

3: Timeless design. Not silver painted plastic. The Palm V is 15+ years old, and it still looks decent even compared to modern units.

The Palm V looks like something shat out by a more modern handheld. Seriously. It looks like my Transformer Prime did a poo. At least pick a Tungsten.

I like the idea of a phone that can run multiple operating systems at once, though. That would be neat, if it didn't punch your battery in the nuts.

Comment Re:There are also seismic implications to this. (Score 1) 199

The extra eruptions may actually be a good thing as the ash clouds will have a albedo increasing, therefore cooling, effect. To bad if you live near one, or in California.

I live in the world's largest volcano field, in California, you insensitive clod!

Comment Re:I can tell from the comments (Score 1) 199

Storms change beaches a lot faster than the alleged ocean level change.

It's funny you mention storms, because a small change in ocean level rise equals a substantial increase in flood surge distances inland. It's obviously going to be greater than 1:1 because the land slopes, on average, at less than 45 degrees; especially around FL, LA, etc.

Three inches of ocean level rise means feet less beach, even without storms.

Comment Re:Easy to say, hard to do (Score 1) 199

If this is actually a credible report, then the U.S. government needs to stop funding the rebuilding/construction of areas that are CURRENTLY under sea level like New Orleans and the dikes and berms around it.

That turns out to be harder than you would think.

Uh no. No it isn't, at least, not to do a pretty decent job. You just don't give any funding for rebuilding, you prohibit any funding given for other purposes from being used for rebuilding, and you prohibit any disaster relief check recipients from using the money for buying back into their ruined communities. Some people will do it anyway, spend the minimum effort preventing that during the escrow process, some people will slip through but you can catch most of 'em.

You may not be able to stop people from moving back into those neighborhoods, but you sure can avoid spending money on it, at least most of it.

Comment Re:Complete list of electric car gadgets I want. (Score 1) 355

Sounds like you need a locost with manual everything :)

Seriously though, sub-1-ton cars definitely don't need power steering, and you can get away with manual brakes if you just give it nice big ones but nobody does that any more. I think that's a shame, because manual brakes might be a little harder to stop with, but it's too easy to lock up powered brakes anyway (well, it was before ABS) and manual brakes have just lovely feel... like manual steering does. And you can of course still have ABS. That actually doesn't weigh appreciably more than a brake servo, and it takes up a lot less space.

Comment Re:That's messed up (Score 1) 192

Or, y'know, taking advantage of all that newly available sunlight to build large-scale solar stills.


...using solar-thermal heat pipes to pump water from the ocean into deserts, there using it to grow algae for biofuel feedstocks. Any excess water is simply spilled over into a salt pan, and replenishes groundwater.

Comment Re:It's the interface, stupid (Score 1) 355

I just want one thing: A place to plug in my smartphone or tablet via HDMI, USB, and a four-pin 1/8" miniplug for audio in and out. And I want the results to be that my phone shows up on a self-hiding touch display on my dashboard. It's a moderately expensive way to handle the device mounting problem, but it's also completely future-proof and the user can install anything they like, whether it's meant to be a portable device or not.

A manufacturer could reasonably implement this without losing money if they simply made entertainment a standard feature. There's no worry you'll skip the option if it's not optional. And if they just partner with someone else to handle GPS updates (tomtom? whoever) then they don't really have a revenue stream to lose there. Selling GPS updates is probably not all that profitable for most automakers, but I have no figures.

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