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Comment: Re:shoot the admins (Score 1) 92

by jellomizer (#47766147) Attached to: Time Warner Cable Experiences Nationwide Internet Outage

While for the standard home user, 4:30-7:30 outage, means you have to forgo your morning entertainment. However there are a lot of small/mid sized businesses dependent on TWC for their operations.

I just wish they would send me an email about the outage so I know not to try to reboot my wireless router then my cable modem. Then plug my PC to the cable modem to see where the connectivity down.

(BTW I was kidding about the email notification)

Comment: Re: Not the PSUs? The actual cables? (Score 1) 114

by gstoddart (#47766055) Attached to: HP Recalls 6 Million Power Cables Over Fire Hazard

Yes. It always amazes me, but it seems to actually be the norm.

Have you ever spoken with someone outside the US? Or just in the echo chamber of "we're Murica, we're #1"?

So when someone from the UK gets on me for free speech or criminal law, I laugh a lot but I don't count it as credible.

That's OK, I'm not from the UK, and I don't you overly credible either.

Comment: Re:Don't Worry! (Score 1) 225

by Lumpy (#47765991) Attached to: Climate Damage 'Irreversible' According Leaked Climate Report

here is the kicker, anyone with an IQ over 100 and not lazy can make their own wind generators. In fact if you are not completely inept you can easily generate all the electricity you need with low cost parts that are available. All of the knowlege you need is right in front of you, you just have to take the time to search for it and read it.

Drilling for oil, then refining it yourself with todays available devices and parts is significantly harder than a solar,wind and battery installation.

Comment: Re:Beyond what humans can do (Score 1) 225

by Lumpy (#47765941) Attached to: Climate Damage 'Irreversible' According Leaked Climate Report

" can you please tell me how we are going to deal with all of those people displaced by this natural phenomenon?"

That is all a part of his trickle down economics on how the wealthy's cast off cash will flow down to solve that problem, we just need to give the wealthy a LOT more money.

Comment: Re:Why not a master password for the PW manager? (Score 2) 75

by gstoddart (#47765801) Attached to: Chromium 37 Launches With Major Security Fixes, 64-bit Windows Support

So, are you saying that the data is "encrypted" in such a way as to be readable by anything which is running as your user?

Because, basically that would mean that it's not really encrypted in any meaningful way, because you inherently trust every single process to access your passwords.

Quite frankly, that sounds pretty dumb, because it means you explicitly make this available to every single process. So, Adobe could read your passwords if you read a PDF?

That's pretty weak if I understand what you said. And precisely why I don't trust applications to remember my passwords.


Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio 236

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the thinking-leads-to-questioning dept.
frdmfghtr (603968) writes Over at Ars Technica, there's a story about a bill in the Ohio legislature that wants to downplay the teaching of the scientific process. From the article: "Specifically prohibiting a discussion of the scientific process is a recipe for educational chaos. To begin with, it leaves the knowledge the kids will still receive—the things we have learned through science—completely unmoored from any indication of how that knowledge was generated or whether it's likely to be reliable. The scientific process is also useful in that it can help people understand the world around them and the information they're bombarded with; it can also help people assess the reliability of various sources of information." The science standards would have "...focus on academic and scientific knowledge rather than scientific processes; and prohibit political or religious interpretation of scientific facts in favor of another." Political interpretation of scientific facts include humans contributing to climate change according to the bill's sponsor, who also thinks intelligent design would be OK under the law.

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