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Comment: Re:Call me a fanboy if you must... (Score 1) 145

by martinultima (#16157979) Attached to: Core 2-Compatible Chipsets Compared
Well, I guess now I know – either way, I still personally prefer AMD's naming system, but then again I guess that's just me. Probably going to stick with AMD for a while though (this is at everyone else posting, not just parent) – Intel might be faster now, but I see no reason to upgrade every time something "better" comes out just for the sake of upgrading, and besides, it would probably be too much time, money, and effort upgrading my current system [HP dx5150 MT, Athlon 64 3200+] anyway.

Go ahead, mod me "-1, Troll" some more if you want, but I guess there has to be at least one sane, pragmatic person among the raving lunatic fanboys...

"Indecision is the basis of flexibility" -- button at a Science Fiction convention.