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Comment Worst UI ever seen (Score 5, Insightful) 237

This is by far the worst UI design I've seen... The value of slashdot comes from user comments and making the new comment interface such a piece of crap, you're actually telling your users (or should I say "customers"?) to avoid using it. I myself cannot find a way to post a comment to the article, so I'm commenting on the first one, second the line spacing wastes crapton of space, the filtering option only hides the comments without eventually displaying the headline. The density of information decreased to such point that I don't want to read comments anymore, meaning that slashdot for me turned into another useless website that I should remove from my favorites. The main page looks terribly unorganized, before I could see 2/3 articles, now I barely see half of one and the space is just wasted for useless pictures and padding. If you want to improve it, then improve the information density and renew the design, but this is the wrong way of doing it. At least give the option to switch back

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