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Comment: Re:LOL (Score 2) 438

by martinQblank (#48464209) Attached to: How Intel and Micron May Finally Kill the Hard Disk Drive
Sadly the ram air intake at the front of the structure does little for aerodynamics. There is too much damping material (soup meat) in the chamber to pass through cleanly to the exhaust port. Additionally, the locomotive openings are often shaped in such a way to create lift at higher velocities, thus reducing overall stability.

Comment: Re:It's not a black and white decision (Score 1) 800

What I've not seen here is any mention of the concept of the vehicles communicating with each other. Isn't it conceivable that the vehicles involved could "talk it out" and identify the least harmful course of action (within whatever capabilities they have remaining to them (in the event of prior impact, mechanical failure, etc...))?

+ - Texas Family Awarded $2.9 Million in Fracking Lawsuit

Submitted by martinQblank
martinQblank (1138267) writes "CNN reports: A Texas family whose home was within a 2 mile radius of 22 Natural Gas wells -one of which was less than 800 feet away- has been awarded $2.9 million by a jury. The family who suffered from a variety of ailments (including nosebleeds, rashes, migraines and more) was advised by a doctor to leave their ranch immediately and see a physician specializing in environmental health.

The defendant in the case, Aruba Petroleum, disagreed with the jury's decision as did other attorneys who are familiar with the energy sector — calling in a "knee-jerk" reaction. Additionally the company noted that they had complied with all applicable environmental regulations.

The family itself? Still in favor of oil and natural gas extraction: "We are not anti-fracking or anti-drilling. My goodness, we live in Texas. Keep it in the pipes, and if you have a leak or spill, report it and be respectful to your neighbors. If you are going to put this stuff in close proximity to homes, be respectful and careful.""

Comment: Re:Ethnographic field notes (Score 1) 170

by martinQblank (#46810935) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professional Journaling/Notes Software?
To further this one bit - the batteries on my spiral notebook have NEVER died and extra pens are easy to carry and or find (read steal - if no other option presents itself) when needed.

ANECDOTE: I've got notebooks from 15+ years ago in a filing cabinet. Will they ever be useful to me? Likely not - but at least my kids will understand why I'm crazy if they bother to look through them. That said, having the last year or so's notes readily at hand can be a huge win - especially if you work on longer running projects or programs. Or, heaven help you, you have to maintain legacy products where each relevant detail is painfully pried from an unyielding source.

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes. -- Dr. Warren Jackson, Director, UTCS