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Comment Clipper chip (Score 1) 260

Yeah cos the clipper chip was a huge success and export grade crypto from the 80's and 90's hasnt caused any problems ever.

I'll go back to painting steganography with unicorn poo then.... which is about as workable as the proposals we've heard so far.

One of many brits who'll argue against this

Comment Loss of memorabilia (Score 4, Interesting) 99

Oh that explains why all the memorabilia has gone since we visited 5 years ago and last year.

Very sad that this of the park has gone, it really helps the younger ones to see things in context with the work that went on there, seeing real life artifacts such as toys and the scenes from the time.

Also explains why we cant buy 1 ticket at the entrance for both the Park and the Computing museum with Colossus etc inside it.

Again all very sad that they cant get this joined up to work together, moss other places are putting on living history stuff and BP is pulling it all out.

Comment move to offsite troublesome (Score 1) 290

Seems the main problem here (as already noted by others) was a lack of DR facility not moving to the cloud. But this is the same for many SMB's, requirements for a decent internet connection (not in the costs and quite a bit) and you STILL need a DR solution for alot of the stuff. Googles and others have suffered outages.

Also they've struggled with the online versions of the accounts and expenses system, just because it's a SaaS solution doesn't mean it any good!

Also moving from internal BIND to GoDaddy for DNS - seriously.....

Comment Risks (Score 1) 212

All about risks, not just the fact the device is RS-232 only, but can the manufacturer support the equipment and if it fails whats the cost to the business while the machine is down.

Sure we can all get 486's with ISA cards if the device needs connectivity to the outside world, but the device of that is a business risk and needs Mgmt to be aware of the issue.
I've had a parts carousel system go down for weeks while we replace gearboxes, made worse by a switch from AC to DC by the manufacturer. Costs to the business were huge and all production was slowed down. Mgmt were informed of the risks but wouldnt spend any money till if broke.

Basically you're looking at a CYA situation, make sure mgmt are informed in writing (email etc) of the issues around the machines and what costs there are vs getting in new machines and added benefits of new machines

Comment Re:These laws already exist elsewhere (Score 1) 433

the UK is the same, it's all about being distracted from driving, using a phone/txting etc is just a specific examples


I've seen people applying makeup, eating, even reading a book (I kid not) never mind reading instructions or a map... they'll still pull you if the officer thinks you're driving distracted.

Comment Re:Engines at Rolls Royce (Score 1) 213

Quite - everything seemed to happen v quickly once the oil pipe broke. And yes the engine should be able to contain a broken blade

Allows get issues with new engines and the original Trent almost broke RR (its development costs being the major reason fir nationalising it in the 1970s from what I remember

Comment Current rules in data sovereignty (Score 1) 79

All down to current CESG guidance on data soveriegnty. Until the new data classifications are fully launched (replacing the IL based system) this wont change, and event then its down to the accreditor to assess the risk so still doubtfull we'll be seeing any major offshoring

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