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Submission Spam: now available in PDF->

choongiri writes: "If my inbox is anything to go by, there's a new breed of spam on the loose. Last year saw the rise of the image-based penny stock spam — that got around our filters for a while until tools like the FuzzyOCR plugin for SpamAssassin came along. Now it looks like the spammers are taking it to the next level, attaching their spam content as a PDF file. No doubt if this persists we'll see PDF scanning becoming standard practice, although the cost — both in bandwidth and CPU cycles required to do the filtering — will certainly be non-trivial."
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Submission Bush Vetoes Popular Stem Cell Research Bill->

Spamicles writes: President George W. Bush has vetoed legislation to expand federally funded embryonic stem cell research, triggering an uphill battle in the Democratic-led Congress to override him. Critics called the presidential order a sham and said he should have signed into law the stem-cell bill, which polls show is backed by more than 60 percent of American voters who see the measure as a way combat a host of illnesses. Backers note the legislation would only permit scientists to use embryos left over from fertility treatments that would otherwise be discarded.
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Comment A programmer's introduction to C# (Score 4, Informative) 116

I got this book around when C# was first introduced. I started from the same languages you name, and I've quite possibly never read a better book about a programming language (and API of course). 4

(Actually, A programmer's introduction to PHP is also very good.)

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