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What he meant is that most MMO betas delete all existing characters at the end of the beta. Hence, all of the money and equipment get deleted or go "poof" (as in when something disappears in classic cartoons). This happened at the end of the WoW beta, but not necessarily at the end of the LoTRO beta. In LoTRO, you could pre-order the game and your character and equipment rolled over to the production world. Hence, gold farming in that beta was productive, evil, but productive.

+ - IBM Expands Managed Service Offerings

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4foot10 writes "Much like the product bundles it built around its hardware and software products, IBM is now developing packages of security, system continuity, and IT maintenance and support services that can be delivered as managed services to small and midsize customers. The first fruits of Big Blue's labor — three security service packages — debuted Thursday, reports, along with new ServicePac products that let partners offer fixed-price, fixed-scope implementation services for IBM servers and storage systems."

Wanting Ahead - Birds Plan For Future Desires->

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For a long time, it had been argued that only humans can draw on past experiences to plan for the future, whereas animals were considered "stuck in time." However, it has become clear that some animals can indeed plan for future needs. Surprisingly, the most convincing examples of future planning are not derived from our closest relatives, the apes, but from a bird, the Western scrub-jay.
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Google glitch loses user data->

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Malfunctioning personalized homepage has users fuming

Google users are going ape crap after settings and data they've amassed over months have suddenly gone missing from their personalized homepage. According to the posts of hundreds of users on Google's discussion boards, sticky notes, tabs, links and other customized settings vanished earlier today.

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