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Comment: Re:It's because they don't work... (Score 1) 83

by marsu_k (#49024051) Attached to: The Uncanny Valley of Voice Recognition

Not to mention that in my experience pretty much no program offers "English, intl." option. I've done sales/customer support in English and have been commended for my English by native Brits. Still I do have an accent and voice commands are very much more (almost completely) miss than hit.

Now, when voice commands support my native Finnish I'll be seriously impressed, what with all the regional accents and spoken language being rather different from the written form. Not seeing that happening any time soon though.

Comment: Re:Can't assume mobile phone as 2nd factor (Score 1) 271

by marsu_k (#48992925) Attached to: Why Gmail Has Better Security Than Your Bank

There are methods beyond two-factor authentication with a mobile device. For example, my bank here in .fi has the following method: you login with a 8-digit number (your "username", I guess) and a 4-digit pin (user selectable). But after that you have to enter a single-use four digit code (the web site tells you to "enter code xxx" from your code list) to do anything. If you want to make a transaction, you have to enter another such code (you can queue many transactions though, and authorize them with a single code, so you don't end up using them all at once).

But now you're asking, what about when the codes run out? Initially you receive the first "code list" physically from the bank. You need proper ID. But beyond that, when you find out you're running low on codes, you can order a new list. That is delivered via regular mail, but in order for it to be active you have to use two codes from the previous list, enter the serial number of the new list and a given code from it. If that is being actively abused, people are keeping very quiet about it. Your banks are just lazy.

Comment: Re:ATI/AMD has had shitty drivers for 20 years (Score 1) 160

by marsu_k (#48836347) Attached to: AMD Catalyst Is the Broken Wheel For Linux Gaming

Not trolling, this has been my experience. If you want real 3D performance, the proprietary crap is what gives it. And VDPAU is nice. There are some nuisances, with Optimus chipsets you have to use Bumblebee which is kind of annoying if you don't want to burn through your laptop battery in minutes, and AFAIK the driver still doesn't support XRandR 1.something (1.2, I think?), that would allow to alter multiple monitor settings from the settings of my DE instead of using nvidia-settings.

Having said that, I've pretty much given up PC gaming so I don't really need 3D anymore. Intel is just fine for a compositing desktop.

Comment: Re:ATI/AMD has had shitty drivers for 20 years (Score 1) 160

by marsu_k (#48834859) Attached to: AMD Catalyst Is the Broken Wheel For Linux Gaming
I wish there was a "sad but true" mod. I've been running Linux on my desktop for over a decade now - dismissing all the snark about desktop Linux, it really has improved during that time. But what remains the same is "you want 3D, get NVidia". Although pretty much every chipset/driver is capable of running whatever composited window manager you like.

Comment: Re:reduce production (Score 1) 202

by marsu_k (#48815257) Attached to: Obama Planning New Rules For Oil and Gas Industry's Methane Emissions
I think what you're trying to say is "you're". But um, no, I do quite firmly believe in what I'm saying. I took opposition to the person I was replying to, in a blanket statement saying referring to "Europe", where the elderly are dying due to energy costs. That is not happening here. We're all (up to a point) socialists here (in the Nordic countries) you know. Pay a lot of taxes for that we do, but some of us (myself included) prefer it that way.

Comment: Re:reduce production (Score 2) 202

by marsu_k (#48813227) Attached to: Obama Planning New Rules For Oil and Gas Industry's Methane Emissions
You are referencing Daily Mail... but ok, here in .fi it can get much, much colder. Yet the elderly are not dying of the cold weather (sure, some demented ones wander off outside and die, this is a yearly phenomenon. Some people pass out drunk in the snow and die, that as well. It has nothing to do with energy prices - which have certainly not tripled in recent times). Triple, or even double, windows do wonders, even in more warmer climates. Nothing to do with "de-industralization".

Comment: Re:Why do I want to upgrade? (Score 1) 437

by marsu_k (#48763649) Attached to: Is Kitkat Killing Lollipop Uptake?

I'd like to dislike in on my Nexus 7 (2013). But the update still hasn't arrived to the LTE version here, at least for me, and to anyone that I know that has one.

(Really, I don't care that much that it hasn't been updated, KitKat works fine - I just find it odd, Nexus devices were supposed to be the ones running the latest and greatest, right?)

Comment: Re:It may not be for me... (Score 1) 150

by marsu_k (#48739199) Attached to: Microsoft Unveils Nokia 215, a $29 Phone With Internet Access
Nokia has been doing these entry-level phones (before the MS acquisition) for years, and profitably. Very thin margins, naturally, but volume can make up for it. I should hope MS has not managed to lose all that expertise in such a short time. In these kinds of devices, you don't really expect much (if anything) back from app sales.

Comment: Re:Let this be a lesson (Score 1) 75

by marsu_k (#48685911) Attached to: Sony PlayStation Network Back Up Now, Supposedly
Pretty much any online game requires PS+ - there are some exceptions, most (all?) subscription-based games don't need it, and some F2P games work without it. Personally, I hardly ever do online multiplayer, but still find PS+ to be worth it for the free (ok, this being /. so surely someone will nitpick about it - not free as you are paying a subscription but you get the point) games and cloud saves. YMMV.

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