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Comment: Effect of nukes on NEOs (Score 5, Insightful) 272 272

Have you seen how much effect a nuke is likely to have on a significantly sized NEO? None whatso fucking ever. If an NEO is enough to wipe us out, it won't be screwed by a nuke.

Also the ideal launch point for such a nuke would be from space, not Earth.

Comment: Re:Crockford's JavaScript: The Good Parts (Score 4, Insightful) 293 293

The problem is that whilst Crockford will teach you to write good JavaScript, as often as not you have to wade through and understand the crappy JavaScript that has been written by someone who hasn't read that book, or any others from all appearances. And then to top it off, the sick bastard has minified and/or obfuscified the fuck out of it.

Comment: Re: Plus Article 10 (Score 1) 57 57

On top of that there is also Article 10 of the ECHR "Freedom of Expression". Whilst the European Convention on Human Rights is separate to the EU, it is mandatory for all EU members to also regard the Articles of the Convention as binding and effectively a Constitution for all EU member nations. It is ironic that different nations interpret Article 10 differently and thus "Expression" which is legal in one EU member can be illegal in another. Other Articles may also come into play too (Privacy, Association, Marriage etc)

Comment: No Guarantees (Score 1) 319 319

We don't expect our security services to guarantee prevention of every single attack. We expect them to do their best to prevent attacks within the constraint of ensuring that our basic rights are affected to the minimum extent necessary. We are prepared to accept a few incidents if it means that no intrusion onto our rights is necessary.

Comment: Re:Glamdring can do this also (Score 1) 67 67

If it's a sword from the fall of Gondolin and forged by the elves of that time, it is already several thousand years old and definitely a rarity. Most swords will have gone rusty by that time, so I for one wish to learn the elvish technique for making stainless steel which maintains a cutting edge for thousands of years despite abuse by trolls and everyone else.

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