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I think you misread the article - its about training medics how to deal with casualties whilst they are under fire and is probably as close as you can get short of having them on a real battlefield. The "battlefield trauma" relates to injuries on the battlefield, not whether medics are traumatized in dealing with the situation, although improving the ability of them to handle the situation they are in will reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Battlefield medics have to make hard decisions, including deciding not to treat casualties who are unlikely to survive if they are under severe pressure.

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by maroberts (#47158005) Attached to: 3D Printed Gun Maker Cody Wilson Defends Open Source Freedom

...or you could phrase it as the UK that had to preserve the independance of Canada by burning down the White House... ..or the UK that assisted with the development of codebreaking and radar so you could win against the Japanese ...or the UK that got the US started on jet and atomic weapon technology

etc etc.

Them as has, gets.