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Submission + - Electromagnetic Propulsion Engine may give us Star Trek Impulse Drive (

maroberts writes: The Telegraph reports that NASA and other bodies have confirmed that an Electromagnetic Propulsion Drive (EM Drive) invented by a British scientist, Roger Shawyer, actually does deliver on its claims and is likely to provide an engine capable of Earth to Moon transport in 4 hours and Earth to Pluto flight in 18 months. It even brings into possible reality the prospect of interstellar flight, although at 100 years to the closest star, I wouldn't be booking your seats just yet.

Comment Re:If I were drinking coffee (Score 1) 87

The UK:

Manufacture Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Minis (BMW), Land/Range Rover, Aston Martin, Lotus etc
Produced many of the Formula 1 racing cars and their components
has a good chance of pushing the Land Speed Record even further over the next few years (Thrust SSC => Bloodhound SSC)
has BAE, which may have gone American but still has a significant presence here
has Airbus group, which manufactures satellites and other space related stuff.

Comment Re:Crockford's JavaScript: The Good Parts (Score 4, Insightful) 293

The problem is that whilst Crockford will teach you to write good JavaScript, as often as not you have to wade through and understand the crappy JavaScript that has been written by someone who hasn't read that book, or any others from all appearances. And then to top it off, the sick bastard has minified and/or obfuscified the fuck out of it.

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