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+ - SPAM: 3 California Dogs Poisoned by Toxic Algae Bloom Brought by Drought

Submitted by markygie
markygie (3762983) writes "Officials say that the reason for the bloom spread throughout Lake Chabot in Alameda County, CA is the state’s dry, warm weather. Lake Chabot has been experiencing a bloom of toxic cyanobacteria—or blue-green algae—since September 2014. The lake authorities have already put up a notice warning to people to avoid touching or wading in the water."
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+ - SPAM: How Stem Cell Therapy Can Cure Spinal Cord Injuries

Submitted by markygie
markygie (3762983) writes "The spinal cord is an essential part of the human system that conveys information between brain and the rest of the body. The spinal cord is made of nerve fibers that transmit pulses to and from the brain, which form the central nervous system. If damaged, whether traumatic or non-traumatic, a person won’t feel anything and will result to immobility."
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