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Comment: skype is good. asterisk is better (Score 1) 286

by markusre (#33793602) Attached to: Skype Officially Available For Android

... nice.... but not great

i'd rather have an asterisk version that runs on my mobile device.
i would love to be able to program dialplans on my mobile...

1. some cron-job that checks if my sim is inserted. and if not it writes a call file that makes the phone call expensive 0190-... numbers (these are the 2-5€/min lines in germany)
i know it doesn't bring me my phone back but at least i can have a little revenge and i hope by the time the thief realizes this he has a phone bill of 2000€ or more (and gained a 200€ mobile)

2. some time & phone number check (i hate it when my boss calls me in the early morning, he and a lot of other inbound numbers should be redirected to some voice recongnation system). i know a lot of phones have some grouping of numbers and the ability to set only some numbers to mute, but it's just not adaptable enough.

Comment: Re:Shouldn't Software Houses Be Held Accountable? (Score 2, Interesting) 66

by markusre (#33734500) Attached to: Gang Arrested For Stealing Millions Using ZeuS

My heart tells me to bash MS, too.
But in this case..... heres my login message:

"Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law."

So in this case Debian(and i think this is true for most linux distributions) is similar to windows.
Please note that i refer to the notice, that it's not responsible and NOT to the actual amount of security issues.

Comment: just out of curiosity (Score 1) 90

by markusre (#27571711) Attached to: EU Investigates Phorm's UK ISP Advertising System
what about taking counter measures like producing senseless traffic? most people (at least the kind of ppl i know) do have a 6-16mbit connection. it shouldnt be too hard to script a spider that just gets page after page from random servers. or to avoid punishing innocent hosters with useless traffic just let it get pages from the isps using phorm.

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