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Comment: Re:TARDIS (Score 1) 32

by markian (#41335301) Attached to: BBC Radiophonic Workshop Revived Online

That's certainly possible. I remember watching an old interview, and I thought he [Hodgson] said a coin. So on the one hand, I think my first-hand recollection is better than wikipedia. On the other hand, my first hand recollection may not be so good. ;-) I'm unconvinced that coin versus keys would make a significant difference anyway! I do seem to recall the "play it backwards" bit too, though.

Comment: lubrication (Score 1) 1264

by markian (#41168867) Attached to: US Doctors Back Circumcision

The foreskin is pretty damn useful. It helps the penis slide in and out. It's mechanical (as opposed to chemical) lubrication. If you remove it, you put most of the lubrication burden on the female. While I can understand why Johnson & Johnson thinks this is a great idea, nobody else should! Do you not think it's a big deal if it hurts the girl a bit sometimes? Hey, here's a great idea, let's remove boys' foreskins to make sex a little less fun for the girls!

Comment: Re:Affordable Care Act might make this easier (Score 1) 468

by markian (#41101615) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: IT Contractors, How's Your Health Insurance?

you might be able to relocate to a civilized country.

This is the post I would have made too. Seriously, if all the IT contractors started leaving the US (or other well-paid professionals), it might be the start of a message Washington would notice.

As for the poster who said that Americans don't want the government to touch healthcare because they'll screw it up... how about y'all elect a better government? (Is the US system really so broken and corrupt as to make this impossible?)

Comment: Fix the title! (Score 1) 322

by markian (#40288813) Attached to: Raunchy Dance Routine a PR Nightmare For Microsoft

Yes, complete agree here. The dancing was terrible. The lyrics were lame. The one thing it was NOT was raunchy (m-w: obscene, smutty), in the same way that yelling "penis" (or "vagina") is neither explicit nor sexual in every context. Sometimes it just indicates that something is wrong with you. Not to mention the hilarity in the thinking which led someone somewhere to believe that adding "or vagina" made it inclusive, and someone else to approve it!

Comment: Re:Macs don't get hacked (Score 1) 429

by markian (#39585579) Attached to: Flashback Trojan Hits 600,000 Macs and Counting
There are trusted repositories... Apple's app stores. But people complain that they're not open! You can't have it both ways. More to the point, if you go download software from torrent sites... 'ya takes your chances! Typing an admin password for something that came from a torrent site is like using a condom you bought from a streetkid in a third-world country.... It might not have been retrieved, washed, and re-sold. (I forget where I read about this practice, or I would provide a reference; the analogy stands!)

To err is human -- to blame it on a computer is even more so.