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+ - T-Mobile presents Facebook Voice Chat->

Submitted by
markhb writes "T-Mobile has announced Bobsled, a Facebook app which enables VoIP voice chat via the Facebook Chat interface. Plans for the future include video chat and apps for Android, PC, and tablets. From the announcement: "Once downloaded, customers can use the Bobsled application for Facebook to place voice calls to their friends through Facebook Chat with just one click. This is one of the first VoIP application seamlessly integrated into Facebook Chat, which makes it quick and simple to place an impromptu call to a Facebook friend. The application eliminates the need for dialing – users simply click on a friend’s name to start the conversation. There’s also no need to remember screen names or to input numbers. With the new application, customers can also leave a voice message for friends when they’re not available. Anyone on Facebook can receive a call; no application download is required to receive a call via the Bobsled application for Facebook. " No word on how this is going to make them any money."
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+ - Google: Um.. err... better now?->

Submitted by
markhb writes "Google has rescinded the "We have rights to everything you look at through our browser" portion of their EULA for Chrome. As some commented, they just reused their global Terms of Service, apparently without thinking too much about it. Those readers who are programmers might recognize this as a "copy and paste error.""
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+ - Like Google Maps for the 19th Century

Submitted by
markhb writes "Sure, Google can show you your house, but can they show you what where there before your house? A Maine company is building a database of historic maps, making them scrollable and searchable much like Google is. The plan, as reported in today's Portland newspaper, is to eventually make it into a 3-dimensional map database: length, width and time."
The Internet

+ - BBC News Domain Hijacked

Submitted by markhb
markhb (11721) writes "While the BBC homepage at appears to be working, squatters seem to have taken over the Beeb's News domain, as a look at will show. The BBC News site is one of the most heavily-viewed sites in the world, so this is likely to be disruptive — or at least disturbing — to many until it is fixed."

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