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Comment: vein scan is THE biometric (Score 2) 125

by markdavis (#48472289) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Biometric Authentication System?

Deep vein scan (typically of the palm) is the only biometric that I would find acceptable from a privacy standpoint. It can't be "stolen" or "lifted", it is not visible from a reasonable distance, it can't be easily scanned without the user's consent. It requires being "alive". It is reliable and simple to acquire. I have used it and seen it in action... very impressive.

Fingerprints are horribly abused and left everywhere and can't be read through gloves. Easily copied and fooled.

DNA is extremely expensive, extremely slow, has severe privacy implications, and is left everywhere.

Facial recognition is not extremely accurate, is often slow, and is the WORST biometric from a privacy standpoint.

Retina scan is complex and probably the most expensive besides DNA.

Finger spread biometric is inaccurate and insecure (can be obtained from a distance via

Comment: Look at the whole picture (Score 1) 441

by markdavis (#48426543) Attached to: Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power

>"Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power"

Really? But let's see how it did in the House:

R yes: 179 D yes: 124
R no: 51 D no: 70

So in the house, a lot more Republicans voted yes than Democrats. And a lot less Republicans voted no than Democrats. So it seems like if there were a powerful Republication partisanship agenda on this, how does one explain the vote in the House?

In matters such as these (government spying, civil liberties, etc), I have noticed that things are rarely clearly partisan.

Comment: Bad news on thin clients (Score 1) 181

by markdavis (#48376423) Attached to: Multi-Process Comes To Firefox Nightly, 64-bit Firefox For Windows 'Soon'

A move to multi-process in Firefox can be bad news for anyone using multiuser thin client environments (uncommon but still used). On a shared system, you generally want to have control over which applications can use multiple processes, lest they can go runaway and eat up all cores and resources on a system. Traditional tools such as "nice" don't scale well with single applications that can throw off dozens of threads. As an example- JAVA is *extremely* hostile in a a thin client environment (not just CPU, but RAM too). Just one person starting it can "pause" a 24 core Xeon server for dozens or hundreds of users due to improper assumptions about resource availability.

So I really do hope that Mozilla makes the number of processes allowed ADJUSTABLE in the settings....

Comment: Partitianship- Duh (Score 1) 224

by markdavis (#48345045) Attached to: Mayday PAC Goes 2 For 8

> "What 2014 shows most clearly is the power of partisanship in our elections.

Duh. That is why NOTHING is going to change until we have preferential voting, such as instant runoff. Then people can vote their conscience and get new blood into power (independents, libertarians, other parties, etc) without fear of a party opposite of their view being unopposed. Otherwise it is just business as usual.

Comment: Hate switching (Score 1) 613

by markdavis (#48290529) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?

I *HATE* changing time and pretty much everyone I know hates it too.

It is stupid, outdated, and without merit.
It wastes resources and time.
It causes scheduling nightmares.
It is a serious health problem for many people.

We need to just either stay on summer time or winter time and leave it the hell alone. My vote would be summer time.

Comment: States (Score 2) 279

by markdavis (#48138159) Attached to: Who's In Charge During the Ebola Crisis?

>"one could argue that the United States is hobbled by an outdated constitution in responding to epidemics. State and local jurisdictions vary tremendously in their public health capabilities."

One could also argue that this is EXACTLY the way it is supposed to be. USA States are SUPPOSED to have control over most of what happens in their area and not be puppets to a huge, inefficient, out-of-touch, expensive, slow, borderline fascist, federal government overloard.

Comment: Re:Windows OS X (Score 1) 644

by markdavis (#48033793) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Exactly. And I have to point out to people all the time that it is, in fact, Apple MacOS 10 (ten) not "ecks". It is so stupid and redundant when I hear/see something like "OS X version 10.3"... it is not "Operating system version 10 version 10.3" it is really just MacOS 10.3.

Apple has marketed their stupid version number into something they can not and will never change now. There will probably never be a "MacOS XI" and "MacOS X version 11" makes no sense.

Comment: Addon, not integrate (Score 5, Interesting) 117

by markdavis (#48024065) Attached to: Tor Executive Director Hints At Firefox Integration

I do not want Tor "integrated" in Firefox. Nor should ANYONE. This is why they make addons and extensions. I am getting tired of them adding more and more to Firefox. The whole POINT of Firefox was to be lean and fast and shed all the "integrated" extras of previous browsers. We don't need it to continue bloating up, taking more space, getting more complicated, and using more resources.

1) Stop adding stuff that can be in an addon instead.
2) Stop trying to turn Firefox into Chrome.
3) Stop removing user settings to allow users to control what they want (like placement of tabs and such).
4) Remove firebug/debugger, whatever you call it and put it in an addon where it belongs.

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