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Comment: Re:don't really like that term (Score 1) 169

by markass530 (#47990217) Attached to: South Australia Hits 33% Renewal Energy Target 6 Years Early

The conditions that create coal during the Carboniferous era no longer exist.

*created coal during

That is correct but the cool thing about eras is that no matter what there is always a brand spanking new one right around the corner.... so in a million years or so the coal that will exist (but probably won't need to be used) will have been created during the era of misinformed slashdot commenters because Coal formation is a continuing process (some of our newest coal is "just" a million years old) unless you believe these stone cold fuck nuts

in which case a few thousand years is enough to make coal

Comment: Re:bitcoin (and altcoins) are circling the drain (Score 1) 56

by markass530 (#47981477) Attached to: PayPal Integrates Bitcoin Processors BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin
The Rusky & Sino Mafia? Srsly? You know it's really easy to look that up, right? It had an epic exponential rise starting late last year, ended up WAY overpriced, and has been correcting to a more reasonable price since then it's not whipsawiing up and down , (There is pictures and everything)

"It is better to have tried and failed than to have failed to try, but the result's the same." - Mike Dennison