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+ - BYTE founder Wayne Green has passed away->

markana writes: Wayne Green (W2NSD) who the old folks will remember from Ham radio or the early computer magazines has signed off. He was quite a character, annoying tons of people in both hobbies. But unlike a certain notorious columnist in BYTE, Wayne actually contributed some value to the Ham and PC communities.

Not to mention the rumored love triangle... :-)

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+ - The hammer is starting to fall on HP....

markana writes: Betanews is reporting that the indictments are coming down in the HP scandal. Quote:

"At least two former Hewlett-Packard executives, plus three others outside of the company are expected to be indicted in California as early as Wednesday on at least four felony charges, the New York Times reports. The charges include using false pretenses to obtain confidential information from a public utility, unauthorized access to computer data, identity theft, and conspiracy.
Those named in the indictments include former chairwoman Patricia Dunn, former senior HP lawyer Kevin Hunsaker, private investigator Ronald DeLia of Boston, Action Research Group owner Joseph DePante, and ARG employee Bryan Wagner of Colorado."

Well, let's see what sticks, and to whom. Bet it doesn't affect the stock price at all...

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