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Comment Re:One obvious question. (Score 1) 301

Physical no, psychological yes.

Just knowing that more people are seeing something that you don't want to be seen and you have no control of that causes ongoing psychological trauma.

It doesn't even have to be you in the images for it to be causing trauma.

Even porn stars sometime regret filming a scene and don't want the scenes to be ever shown again.

Movie crash scenes which seriously injure / kill people are often cut to prevent psychological trauma to relatives.

There are reasons "Viewer Discretion" is displayed before some news articles.

Comment Re:Time lost (Score 1) 143

Daylight savings is a absolute mess compared to leap seconds. The dates when the shift occurs change often with as much notice as a leap second change. They vary per political boundary. Nothing is really coordinated. You can't actually compute how many seconds in the future a event will be. The direction changes per hemisphere. You get a hour (or two) of ambiguous time every year. Which 2:45am is it? You induce jet lag in large portions of the community.

Comment Re:Not sure it matters, ultimately? (Score 1) 154

So farmers don't need to update software in a timely manner? So farmers can't take advantage of the benefits of a high speed connection. That the *only* use of a high speed connection is to get pre-recorded video.

High speed internet is a enabling technology. Anyone who says xxx doesn't need high speed internet really doesn't know the needs of xxx. xxx may not know that they will need high speed internet. They may not needed all the time but there will be times when they do need it.

Comment What's needed is sensible regulation. (Score 1) 43

What's needed is sensible regulation like:
all internet connectable devices must be able to upgrade the software components in the field.
all internet connectable devices must be supported for reasonable periods after last customer shipment. Where reasonable periods is 10 years for TVs, routers, fridges, DVRs.

Today it is ridiculous that buy a internet connectable TVs etc. and you get no bug fixes for from then manufacturers. We know that there will be bugs given the cost tradeoffs to be build the devices at a reasonable price and timeline but that is no excuse to not supply software fixes for the inevitable bugs that will be discovered.

Comment Re:Lad balancing? (Score 1) 153

So what is fair about penalising someone for using something in the past that would just go to waste if it wasn't used? You can't save up cell time on a tower to be used later. You either use it when it is available or it is gone.

As for these so called data hogs they aren't. This is the Sprint CEO using emotive words to get you to buy into his attempt to con you which appears to have succeeded.

If the unlimited data users were being given priority then you would have a valid complaint but they are not. They were being given a equal share to airtime compared to everyone else trying to use the system at the same time. Now they are being discriminated against.

They paid to be able to send/request data whenever they want regardless of how much other data they have sent in the month on a equal basis to every other user attempting to send at the same time.

The Sprint CEO is rewarding the cheap skates that didn't shell out for a unlimited plan.

Comment Re:Lad balancing? (Score 2) 153

This isn't a food line.

Lets say the user used the 23G watching netflix at night and now needs the internet to be doing work during the day. Is it really fair that his work usage gets penalised because he watched netflix at night when he bought a unlimited contract.

If he bought a 23G contract which said "If you are over 23G and there is congestion we will speed limit you." then I would have no complaint as he mismanaged the data he has purchased.

Comment Re:Lad balancing? (Score 1) 153

And you get that by sharing out the resource (air time) over the *current* users. It doesn't matter how much someone used yesterday or even 5 minutes ago. They used their fair share at those times. If you are on at 2 in the morning and you are the only customer on the tower then your fair share is the entire capability of the tower. If there are 5000 customers using the tower at once then your fair share is 1/5000th of the tower. The only really grey area is do you measure this over the second, minute or 3 minutes? Beyond that what you used verses what everyone else is using becomes irrelevant to the fairness of sending the next packet.

Comment Re:Lad balancing? (Score 2) 153

They can be cut off by not renewing the contract when its term is up. That is the legal way for Sprint to deal with this issue. As long as Sprint keeps renewing the contract then they must keep abiding by the contract. Unlimited means not applying limits in any shape or form.

It is not up to you to decide how someone uses the data they have purchased.

Comment Re:When in Rome (Score 2) 153

Which is apply a limit above and beyond those inherent in the system. Unlimited means unlimited. If a packet comes there will be a attempt to transmit it. If the buffer overflow on the transmitting path then it overflow. This is expected behaviour of a IP system.

If you preferentially drop packets because the destination has a unlimited plan then you are applying a limit. It may be a soft limit but it is a limit.

Submission + - Ask the FCC to switch to sane software engineering practices for wifi! ( 2

mtaht writes: The CeroWrt project is collecting signatures for a letter to the FCC strongly suggesting they adopt saner software engineering practices for certifying wifi devices instead of pending regulations.

You can view the letter (signed by Dave Täht, Vint Cerf and many other notables) and add your signature,

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