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Comment Re:No support for dynamic address assignment?!? (Score 2) 287 287

Firstly servers don't need DHCPv6 to assign them a address. They can just pick a address and register it in the DNS themselves. They really don't need a DHCP server to do it for them. HTTP/S doesn't care about the IP address that a machine has.

Secondly SLAAC is not only used with link locals.

Just because you want to do things one way doesn't make it a requirement.

Comment Re:When will IPv4 go *silent*? (Score 2) 595 595

You do realise that this is complete garbage. The reason that we need IPv6 is that IPv4 was never designed to scale to every household in the world. 4 billion addresses was never enough for that. We have extended IPv4 by about 2 decades through the use of address sharing but the amount of sharing is now going from 1 addresses per household to less than 1 address per household and the tricks that allow address sharing at the household level without to much administrative pain don't work between households.

Comment Re:Absence?! (Score 2) 595 595

Yes. Comcast comes with IPv6 on by default, as do other ISPs.

1 in 5 homes in the US has IPv6 enabled today. See the IPv6 presentations at NANOG from a couple of days ago.

IPv6 is already here. It is measurably faster. It is easier to configure and manage. The cellular carriers are going IPv6 only. If you are using a modern Android or Windows phone you are talking IPv6 only from the phone. Facebook is IPv6 only. Microsoft are going IPv6 only. Google is going IPv6 only. Lots of data centres are going IPv6 only internally.

Comment Re:Tried IPv6 (Score 1) 390 390

The average user will notice the lack of IPv6 when a CGN is put in the IPv4 path and things like port forwarding stop working. For some ISP's that is now. For others it is in the future. Until then you really shouldn't notice whether you are using IPv4 or IPv6 to reach another site or how you are reached. If you do notice then the ISP / OS vendor isn't doing their job properly.

Hopefully the ISP will take away the IPv6 knob and just deliver IPv6 to everyone in the near future. There aren't many IPv6 only reachable destinations yet but more are coming as more ISP's switch over to using CGN to deliver IPv4.

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