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Comment: There's reliability and then there's reliability. (Score 3, Interesting) 55

by mark_reh (#48383717) Attached to: HYREL 3-D Printers Were Developed by 3-D Printer Users (Video)

It seems their idea of reliability is mainly based on the lifetime of the machine, which I get, but the real reliability problem with FDM printers isn't machine longevity, but the ability to start a print and know it will finish. My machine is built using 8020 frame- no laser cut plywood, and no 3D printed parts in the structure of the machine. I have been working to eliminate reliability problems from the beginning because I want to print full size human skulls from CT scans. Such prints take anywhere from 24-48 hours. The extruder has been the #1 reliability problem- it usually has some problem about 15 hours or so into the print. I've also had some problems with filament tangling on the spool. Slicing software has problems that occur with some STL files and not others.

CAN buses are nice, but I'm not sure that does much unless youre setting up a shop with 20 machines on a network. Show me an extruder than can run without fail for 48 hours at a time and I'll throw some money at it.

Comment: Reminds me of... (Score 1) 61

by mark_reh (#48341627) Attached to: The Largest Kuiper Belt Object Isn't Pluto Or Eris, But Triton

Lime and limpid green, a second scene
A fight between the blue you once knew.
Floating down, the sound resounds
Around the icy waters underground.
Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda
And Titania, Neptune, Titan.
Stars can frighten.

Blinding signs flap,
Flicker, flicker, flicker blam. Pow, pow.
Stairway scare Dan Dare who's there?
Lime and limpid green
The sounds surrounds the icy waters underground
Lime and limpid green
The sounds surrounds the icy waters underground.

Comment: I moved from bay area to Dallas about 15 years ago (Score 2) 161

by mark_reh (#48340133) Attached to: Florida-Based Magic Leap Builds Its Team With Bay Area Hires

And even then, the money I no longer paid to California in income tax more than paid the mortgage on a 3000 sq ft house I had built.

Yeah I had to give up some stuff - never ending traffic jams, earthquakes, brush fires, wine snobs, ethnic variety of restaurants, shitty service everywhere, shitty public schools, milder weather, nice views from places I could never afford to live, but I managed to survive.

California is a great place if you are rich enough to be able to afford to live there without working. For everyone else it is hell on earth.

Florida? Hmmm. I lived there once. Not too sure about the politics- the frightened old people population ensures that it will remain hard core republican for at least another generation. Dallas wasn't much different- there it was frightened stupid people who kept the politics "amusing". The weather can be rough for some, but if you like water sports Florida has nice, warm seas.

Yeah, I think I'd take Florida over California.

Comment: Re:Nothing? (Score 1) 429

by mark_reh (#48340045) Attached to: Mathematical Proof That the Universe Could Come From Nothing

One through nine, no maybes, no supposes, no fractions. You can't travel in space, you can't go out into space, you know, without, like, you know, uh, with fractions - what are you going to land on - one-quarter, three-eighths? What are you going to do when you go from here to Venus or something?

Comment: Not so fast... (Score 1) 594

by mark_reh (#48293277) Attached to: Space Tourism Isn't Worth Dying For

Poor folk will benefit from this, too. Eventually, after enough people have died working out the kinks in space travel, those rich folks will start flying around at ever increasing altitudes (as if looking down their noses at us isn't high enough). After a while, they're going to get tired of roughing it and start taking some poor folk with them to be their servants, as they do on their yachts and planes.

If money can't buy happiness, I guess you'll just have to rent it.