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Comment: Re:The Ubuntu Forums (Score 1) 74

by mark_alfred (#15837427) Attached to: Best Web Resource For Linux Help?
The Ubuntu Forums are a wonderful resource. Instead of beeing called an ingnorant newbie, people with questions get quick, polite answers. Very little of the arrogant, elitist attitude that pops up in so many Linux forums.
Very true. However, often the quick, polite answers one receives are ones that some may consider worthy of "beeing called an ignorant" response. Responses such as: "Ubuntu Forums are a wonderful resource" for help with SuSE Linux, for example. I speculate that it's because you can pay for support at Ubuntu ( The wonderful, patriotic users of Ubuntu do not want to undermine the employees of their beloved distro. Offering good free support would do just that, which I assume the users would feel is almost like scabbing.

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