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Comment: Re:The /. groupthink is strongly against manned mi (Score 2) 112

by mark-t (#49625409) Attached to: Opportunity Rover Reaches Martian Day 4,000 of Its 90-Day Mission

If humans go to Mars it should be to do what only humans can do (like have babies).

Except that they can't... at least not the way that they do it naturally. I recall reading somewhere that mammal reproductivity is quite dependent on the earth's gravity, and attempts have a baby outside of that environment would most likely be fatal for the fetus, assuming that the attempt to become pregnant in the first place did not outright fail.

Comment: Re:Wouldn't using this if it were seized... (Score 1) 244

by mark-t (#49624135) Attached to: USBKill Transforms a Thumb Drive Into an "Anti-Forensic" Device

It could be argued that not advising the officers of the existence of this protection measure when they tell you they are going to take your computer would constitute a willful attempt on your part to sabotage their efforts to gather said evidence, and still be considered as tampering with evidence on those grounds.

Of course, if they don''t tell you that's what they are going to do before they go ahead and do it, then yeah... you probably have a pretty strong defense on that point. But I'd typically assume if they are going and seizing someone's property, that they've already shown the applicable warrant, and so you'd know what they are up to before they go ahead and actually take it.

Comment: Re:The Curve on Academic Courses (Score 1) 395

by mark-t (#49621029) Attached to: The Programming Talent Myth
I've always suspected that the reason for such a bimodal distribution in academia is that the people who would otherwise be in the middle of the curve, are clued in enough to realize that they may not necessarily completely getting it in ways beyond what their grades alone might attest to and end up dropping the course.

Comment: Re: I don't understand (Score 1) 63

by mark-t (#49600101) Attached to: Game:ref's Hardware Solution To Cheating In eSports

How does the serve admin know that the software is accurately reporting what hardware the user has installed when the user controls his own PC, which could without *too* much difficulty be set up to misreport its hardware the software that connects to the server?

I'm sure there'd be a DMCA violation in there somewhere, but this concept and the measures that are being proposed here wouldn't make anyone who genuinely wanted to cheat even blink.

Comment: The peter principle only applies if.... (Score 1) 210

by mark-t (#49590197) Attached to: Yes, You Can Blame Your Pointy-Haired Boss On the Peter Principle

.... you get promoted to a new position before you are actually fully qualified for that position.

In my experience, companies don't promote people to having additional responsibilities before that worker has already proven that they are capable of handling those responsibilities, perhaps through a management training program. Such a promotion must actively be sought out by the employee.

The only other "promotions" that I know of are something like annual cost-of-living salary increases that the most respectable companies may offer to their employees, or else performance-based raises, which are not promotions either, being where one's duties and responsibilities remain essentially unaltered, but one has shown that they are providing a sufficient utility for the company to justify paying them more... generally because after factoring in training costs, the company feels they may have to pay more just to replace them and still get the same amount of utility.

Comment: Actually, it *IS* smoother... (Score 1, Interesting) 170

by mark-t (#49572961) Attached to: Verizon Tells Customer He Needs 75Mbps For Smoother Netflix Video

... if you have multiple computers on your lan, streaming different content from different sites.

I've found routinely that video streaming tv shows from a network's website, which ordinarily runs fine will still start to choke if somebody else in my house is watching a moderately long youtube video in HD, for example.