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by mark-t (#47905265) Attached to: Technological Solution For Texting While Driving Struggles For Traction
Bear in mind that for most people, they perceive that if they do not vote for the lesser of the two evils to give it as many votes as possible then the vote for that party will be split, and that the party they actually want in the least would end up winning by a landslide... They perceive such as vote as being wasted, whereas they believe that if enough people at least voted for the lesser of two evils between the "main two" instead of splitting their vote across arguably much better parties, whose platforms they might even more strongly be in alliance and maybe even knowingly agree with, then a party that they may perceive as exponentially worse would have the greatest chance of not getting in.

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Perfectly valid as well... but either way, the increased size can have a practical functionality that the owner may have a legitimate need (beyond wanting to be superficially showy about their phone, or otherwise draw attention to themselves) which cannot be met by a smaller phone. I would even suggest that such reasons are possibly much more common than superficial ones, and the fact that someone would imagine that an owner of a phablet-sized phone must necessarily be "overcompensating for something" speaks volumes about their lack of imagination.

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True, but Hydrogen is especially problematic in this regard because it is too light for earth's gravity to hold it in, and any hydrogen that doesn't recombine with oxygen in the atmosphere to form water on its way upward will just escape into outer space. In a nutshell, if we were to actually do this at large scales, we would eventually run out of water.

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The problem, as always... is distracted driving, not mere use of an electronic device while driving, because as you have noted, not all electronic devices require any kind of concentration to use, or would actually be a distraction. Arguably, simply talking to another person in the vehicle can present a greater distraction than using steering-wheel mounted controls for the car's audio system.

And vehicles with stereo controls mounted on the wheel are explicitly designed to minimize the distraction from driving while using. If such things are illegal to operate while driving then it would stand to reason that it would also be illegal to buy such a car in that jurisdiction... again, this is because of what positioning of the controls are *explicitly* designed to achieve.

Further, some electronic devices are necessary to use for normal and safe operation of the vehicle itself, such as cruise control. or even signalling. My point being that "electronic device" is overly vague, and can be enforced arbitrarily.

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Here in Saskatchewan Canada, it is illegal to operate any electronic device while driving a motor vehicle

So then, is it also illegal to sell cars in Saskatechewan that may have controls for things like the stereo, etc, mounted on the steering wheel so that a driver does not need to take either hand off of the wheel?

What about hands-free devices? What about hands-free devices that do not require any concentration to use (such as a pacemaker, for example, or other implanted technologies).

The law there, as you've worded it so vague as to be useless.

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Sure... but the fact that you've got to do this all by hand is going to make comparing any given piece of code with another for copyright violations impossible... and all the most similarity you will find afterwards is that similar ideas may have been employed to solving the problem that were used, but ideas are not copyrightable.

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