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Journal: good news one and all

Journal by marine_recon
at long last a computer has been found to take the role of always on, remote access, super, ultra, learn to use linux box. the idea is pretty cool, it lets us mere mortals learn the basics without having to admin a computer and invaribly screw things up. not fun. anyway, the whole thing is supposted to be tucked away in the tech center and all us techs will have access to it. someday this might be written using linux. well its been done, but knoppix GUI dosnt really count. really. i watched Dan compile a new version of gentoo just for this ocassion, and i must admit, it is very impressive to see someone pull an entire operating system together in two hours, and even cooler, its fully customised to what we need. someday, someday i can do that.
User Journal

Journal: sigh

Journal by marine_recon
well exams are upon us, an i continue the pointless tradition of writing in this journal that no one will ever look at, ever. yay me. well its not all bad, my roomate hasnt tried to kill me yet, thats always a good sign, but someone has to teach that kid that he just cant sing! every night is these absolutly horrible songs! sorry, had to get that out of my system. learned a new thing today, never put joke programs on the head techs computer if you value both you life and your internet connection. yikes. course the look on his face was priceless. so i may die, but at least i will die with a smile on my face. ok this has to stop before it gets even wierder than it is. crap to late.
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Journal: aye, so much to do

Journal by marine_recon
see, getofmylawnyoudamnkids finally updated, that chistmas post was getting kinda old. im thinking of turning this into a blog that noone will read but i can use for my evil mind controlling messages. hmm. just caught up with the rest of the world and saw pulp fiction, good movie, stinks it took me so long to see. well thats all for now.
User Journal

Journal: I'm an idiot

Journal by marine_recon
It's incredible how wonderful my friends are. I leave myself signed on to /. on a public computer once AGAIN and they STILL haven't destroyed my karma! I owe them so much, because they are so incredible. Unfortunately, I am a total idiot who continues to not learn from his mistakes. I need to work on that, but with my skull being as thick as it is, it doesn't seem like it might happen anytime soon. Damn. Well, hopefully someday, maybe even before my reputation is totally destroyed for all eternity, I will learn. I can only hope.

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson