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Comment: bitcoinica is not bitcoin (Score 1) 361

by marcuz (#40982141) Attached to: Hacked BitCoin Exchange Sued By Customers
Most of the people here are confusing security of the bitcoin protocol with security of some server which provides bitcoin services. Bitcoin hasn't been hacked. Bitcoinica was. That's a big difference. If you store the wallet offline or encrypted on a virus free computer, there is no way you can get hacked. Where are all the people on slashdot that used to provide excelent feedback? I guess I have to move on as well.

Comment: wouldn't hold my breath (Score 5, Interesting) 73

by marcuz (#40208619) Attached to: ARM Expects 20-Nanometer Processors By Late 2013
They have problems delivering 28nm right now so take the 20nm predictions with a pinch of salt. "However, the transition to 28nm does not appear to be going smoothly. ARM heavyweight Qualcomm was the first to introduce a 28nm design, the stunning Snapdragon S4 based on its Krait core. But the outfit is now struggling to meet demand for S4 chips and it is basically becoming a victim of its own success. Other ARM players, such as TI, Nvidia, Samsung and Apple, have yet to introduce a single 28nm part." --

Comment: Its useless for an average shop owner (Score 1) 126

by marcuz (#38888635) Attached to: Surveillance Cameras Used To Study Customer Behavior
I might be just guessing here but the use of this technology might be a bit overrated. Customers are not sheep and they are not that easily tricked into buying something just because it is placed on a specific shelf. The shops know what they sold, where they had that thing placed and they can even identify specific customers and their bought goods because now everybody pays electronically - so really, what kind of a big revolution this surveillance can bring to the shop owner?

Comment: free market (Score 1) 768

by marcuz (#36436856) Attached to: Ask Amir Taaki About Bitcoin
bitcoin is free market money. if you're not interested, nobody is forcing you to use it so stop whining about it not being regulated. just continue using your equally worthless dollars and trust your governments to save the day. some people buy gold because it's the most proven storage of wealth. some buy into schemes like stocks, bonds, etc. if some like the bitcoin so be it. perhaps its wise for some comrades to move to a socialist totalitarian country where everything is regulated and handled by the government.

Comment: World Bank to Manage Food Supplies? (Score 1) 570

by marcuz (#35569860) Attached to: A Look At the World's Dwindling Food Supply
Having helped trigger the food-crisis, the Anglosphere is now beginning to make fixing it a priority. But as with so many other endeavors (when it comes to the Anglo-American axis), one has to approach the concept of "fixing" with some trepidation. The axis deals in dominant social themes designed to frighten people into giving up wealth and power to internationalist institutions. Global warming was one-such meme – and we have long been on record as pointing out that global warming was logically supposed to trigger water and food scarcity memes. These elite promotions tend to work as narratives, leading to the observer logically from one point to another.

Comment: Re:Where is the advertising ? (Score 1) 158

by marcuz (#35031782) Attached to: Openleaks Goes Live
>wikileaks is using the publicity assange generates through media and publicity stunts. exactly! - that's why he should not be trusted. media report about things which they like or they give it a spin they like. he seems to me like a created hero to save us all (and meanwhile following agenda of someone's) the less score I get for these kind of posts I make, the stronger my suspicioun that you just blindly trust someone cool. people are a very easy target to manipulate if you do it in a smart way (and this wikileaks thing is a very smart way). its ridiculous how most of the people can't think criticaly about this issue. i have no insider information but from what I can tell, this looks very suspicious. I very much welcome any less centralized leaking mechanism. I hope you're with me at least on this one.

Comment: why it wasn't leaked on wikileaks? (Score 1) 760

by marcuz (#34979956) Attached to: New Mega-Leak Reveals Middle East Peace Process
And now my question is - why it wasn't leaked by Assanage? I worry that Assanage might be not so honest as he is being protrait to be - he might have some agenda and leak only things people behind him want to leak. Its just these little things I base my judgments on but its exactly this kind of news I was expecting not to see on wikileaks.

Comment: Re:Skimpy data (Score 1) 554

by marcuz (#34896552) Attached to: NASA Says 2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record
Sorry, I meant IPCC not EPA. But they are the same bunch. IPCC receives money from big corps who like global warming, even oil companies - do not get mistaken, people behind the corporations seek global governance and increased power, its not about short term profits. Global warming meme is an important theme they need to push on us because it is then easy to advocate food and water scarcity memes which they can of course solve by global governance. Just take a look at all the help the western world is sending to the poor countries - it doesn't help - the power is just spread through mercantilistic paractisies based on fiat money. Another thing about IPCC is the climategate scandal - you get the idea how does one manufacture data because unfortunataly we are heading probably for som 10 years of global cooling and it doesn't fit their plan.

Comment: Re:Skimpy data (Score 1) 554

by marcuz (#34876522) Attached to: NASA Says 2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record
It has been conclusively shown that global warming is manmade by proved-to-be-corrupted scietific entity called EPA. They intentionally reported wrong numbersv and they are supported by large corporations and governements. The result is that taxpayers are being robbed massively and the big corporations profit hugely!

Comment: Re:Please stay up to date... (Score 1) 554

by marcuz (#34876432) Attached to: NASA Says 2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record
People use words as they see fit. Global warming meme is falling apart so they need to be smart and talk climate change now. The point is they want to profit from it. Earth is getting hotter because the sun is hotter - it has nothing to do with CO2, that's just fabricated nonsense. We are just being fuck*d so we willingly give up our wealth.

Comment: Re:In Cities where records are kept (Score 1) 554

by marcuz (#34876384) Attached to: NASA Says 2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record
Global warming is so last year. Global cooling is the next big thing (with which they'll rob us all) :D But lets see what they'll do - with global cooling it might be hard to rationalize important agenda like water and food scarcity which they desperatly need so they can gain more power wordwide. however - its smart to call it climate change these days...

Comment: Re:Global Warming a hoax? (Score 1) 554

by marcuz (#34876346) Attached to: NASA Says 2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record
Your reasoning is very weak. I have some evidence that the world will be a better place if you deposit a couple of thousands to my banking account. Do it as soon as possible, the world might be doomed if you don't. - I hope you get my point. So - turn of your TV and start to think for yourself, you'll see how this world works. Global warming is a meme developed by the wealthy to make them even more wealthy - but what's more important: powerful.

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