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Comment: Re:Dupe Plus Packs Two Articles into Same Subject (Score 1) 319

by marcroelofs (#45818439) Attached to: PC Plus Packs Windows and Android Into Same Machine
Why do people like you still linger around, are you getting payed to write this nonsense? This is all wrong, and you (should) know it:

1) People 'know' the previous Windows because it's what they are fed to eat. Every few years this is completely changed, that is why Vista and W8 failed. Show them a simple KDE or XFCE Linux install and within minutes they will know their way.

2) Who cares what you 'want' to screw around with. Any decent admin can find out how to get Wine runnning and port the oh-so-essential app to it. After that people will be very pleased because in most cases it will run better> than before.

3) If your problem is 'serious' bug reporting then try it on a Windows machine and see if it produces the same problem. If so, report that. Also, consider switching to an opensource alternative. They mostly have their bugs fixed within hours or days after reporting, certainly if they are security related. Compare that to the same bug reappearing in MS-Office for year after year, even across major releases.

So stop, Linux is fine for most people, especcially for small business desktops that run the same app all day. The big advantage is no vendor support, but real support.

There's got to be more to life than compile-and-go.