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Comment Re:How much benefit? (Score 1) 226

It seems it's the MPI functions only that are subject to this optimization, not the normal FP ones. My guess is that these aren't even used for soft floating point on FPU limited systems (since adding the exact size of the a FP type allows writing more efficient routines).

So the impact is very low I guess.

Comment Re:Railroads killed by the government... (Score 1) 195

He means that a business should hold its own belt up, and not be financed via the government by allocation of taxes.

In short, charge toll and let them pass the charge on to consumers via their products/services pricing.. That's the capitalistic way, not the commie state taking taxes from personal traffic and going light on business driving. (that being said, in Europe it is the same. Consumers pay much more for driving (gas taxes and direct road taxes) than business drivers)

That being said, I would argue that normal erosion factors (like rain/flood/freezing) are a bigger factor than 1%

Comment Re:A Century Ago (Score 1) 195

Highspeed trains are mostly interesting for midlong distances (till 1000 km), and specially from urban center to urban center.

1) trains are faster.
2) but more importantly trains still move reasonably fast in and near urban centers
3) While budget flights (if they happen to go from/to where you want) are cheaper they often require extended checkin times and airport to center commute negating time advantages

Comment Re:What the fuck is this thing? (Score 1) 69

PAE is mostly for kernels and a few select apps that page out buffers (like SQL Server). It is not a general flat >4GB memory space for applications.

And yes I remember how it was with the 8086. Which is why I try to forget segmentation for general purpose programming :-)

Comment Software support and longevity. (Score 2) 246

I mainly use it as always-on machine in addition to the filer. The main reason is that with a filer you are more conservative. OpenVPN, postgresql db. I also have some applicationservers (3-tier) developed for it, but that is not production yes.

Most important bit is long time usability and support, features are only secondary. In that RPI is unique.

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