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Comment Re:There was a time (Score 1) 531

Yes, at that time websites also didn't have images, and about nobody could get to see one.

The images are Netscape fault, but I'd disagree about the ads. Are you blaming them on Netscape because of Javascript? If so, well, Javascript is indeed something Netscape must be ashamed for, but if they didn't do it somebody else would have done something worse (AKA VBScript).

Anyway, the web has ads because there are enough people to see them. Remove the people and the ads will go away, but there's nothing you can change on the software stack that'll get ride of them.

Comment Re: bye (Score 1) 531

If you remember a bit less than a decade ago, the consensus was that every open source software should get UX experts to review them, and designers to help create their appearance.

That was also the time Mozilla started to get some real money, and went out to hire a team, so it's not surprising that they have a lot of UX experts and designers. And when you have a team of experts giving you advice, why wouldn't you listen to it? Did you make a mistake by hiring them at first?

Comment Re:Less time wasted on stupid trivia (Score 1) 227

How is referencing some syntax on google any different from referencing something in a book? Apart from the 8 seconds it takes to look it up on google vs. the 38 seconds it takes to look it up in a book?

Unless you have just a couple of books, that'll probably take something in the 90-6000 seconds interval. Also, Google can point you into many more "books" than what fits your bookcase. This is one of those cases where a quantitative difference is so big that it becomes a qualitative difference.

Comment Re:I have two problems with this article. (Score 1) 287

Nope, there's no easy way to remove Kerberos dependency on time synchronization.

The only thing needing notice is that Kerberos requires closks to be synced within about a second (could be increased to a few minutes of error easily), while NFS reuires a few miliseconds of error at most.

Comment Re:Thank you! (Score 4, Interesting) 161

RFID is still easier than either OCRng tags or silikscreening QR codes. It lasts way more than the clothes, it can be read on both sides, it's faster to read, and it can be read while wrapped. Also, it can be mass produced, easily fixed, and given a meaning only after the fact.

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