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Comment: Re:Parent is insightful+++++ (Score 1) 192

> Why do "people" have a special place in existence again?
Because soylentnews is PEOPLE!
-- oops sorry, wrong site. Let's try again.

> Why do "people" have a special place in existence again?
Dunno, but I asked around.
God simply referred to some of His old press releases, and sent me to the "prince of this world" for more insight. So I went to Satan, which did not reply either, proclaimed "my work here is done" and flew away.

Comment: Re:Bombs in the US? (Score 0) 263

by marcello_dl (#48682523) Attached to: The Interview Bombs In US, Kills In China, Threatens N. Korea

> Seriously the Koran itself should be banned as should the bible or the Torah for any criminal actions it promotes

Some of those books delegate the exclusive right of life and death to a hidden god, so removing it from man.
Which means I'd ban atheism too, as it's far more dangerous in theory, and Mammon, aka money, which is far more dangerous in practice.

Comment: Re:Why are the Loser Squad still walking free? (Score 1) 82

by marcello_dl (#48679243) Attached to: Lizard Squad Targets Tor

They should not bother being behind the attacks. They can just wait a lil longer until auntie and nephew both agree when a politician comes up on TV shouting: Damn hackers! we need internet regulation!

The (cyber) antagonists, are likely useful idiots when two things occur:
1- their target is made of mostly normal people, and does not involve structural damage or structural revolution of the status quo.
2- their act gets lots of attention in the media.

One would be really antagonist if you made useful FOSS, new ways of generating energy, 3d printing breakthroughs, direct democracy schemes.

Comment: Re:Wait a minute... (Score 2) 183

by marcello_dl (#48664877) Attached to: Devuan Progress Report Published

If dyne is a foundation, I don't see why there must be another entity for Devuan, since the objectives are the same. It's like 300â down the drain yearly for mere bureaucracy. If a bunch of devuan devs got elected to "lead" the distro and staff did not respect their decisions, dyne would be a hindrance, but I'd wait for this to happen and or provide some substance to your fraud accusation. AFAIK, a foundation would need accounting tricks or no funds appropriation can take place.

Comment: Re:Life form? (Score 1) 390

In other words, life is chaos x time in the context of some rules.
As an oversimplified example, fill a conway's game of life world with noise and let it go for a while.

What aquires, for whatever reasons, characteristics that make it easy for it to persist, eventually persists.

I still prefer the genesis definition grow, multiply, populate (adapt for you dawinian newfags).

Comment: Re:Land of the free (Score 3, Interesting) 580

by marcello_dl (#48626125) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

You don't do that, you pick the useful idiots, provoke them a bit and then treat them as dangerous.And even if they are dangerous who are they gonna go after? Hackers have all the info on sony execs, but who really owns it? Who really dictate its policies? PHBs make insane amount of money not because they are worth them, they do because they follow the rules of the system.

Software production is assumed to be a line function, but it is run like a staff function. -- Paul Licker