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Comment: easy one (Score 1) 104

by marcello_dl (#49425975) Attached to: Google Let Root Certificate For Gmail Expire

The message I get is: "we don't like when you use a mail client to access gmail, we'd rather prefer the web interface, potentially monitoring your behavior down to the keypress and the time before you scroll past that pic, and not letting you store the content on your PC by default. So let's start by not caring about that cert expiration, let's see what the public reactions are."

Comment: Re:Patents? (Score 1) 223

by marcello_dl (#49413031) Attached to: Mono 4 Released, First Version To Adopt Microsoft Code

> Then you should have no problems finding a few examples that illustrates Microsofts visceral hatred of open source (your words).

LOL alternate universes exist and you come from one. Or you troll very badly. Nice to see how a blatant troll collects mod points.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (...) calls Linux "a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches."

But these are words from a guy prone to monkey dance. Let's see.

From: Bill Gates
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 1999 8:41 AM
To: Jeff Westorinen; Ben Fathi
Cc: Carl Stork (Exchange); Nathan Myhrvold; Eric Rudder
Subject: ACPI extensions

One thing I find myself wondering about is whether we shouldnâ(TM)t try and make the âoeACPIâ extensions somehow Windows specific.

It seems unfortunate if we do this work and get our partners to do the work and the results is that Linux works great without having to do the work.

Maybe there is no way to avoid this problem but it does bother me.

But wait, poor Gates just wants it to be windows specific not to boycott FOSS, right?
Except that the opposite happened:

Some of us remember the story of why Linux kernel responds "False" when ACPI BIOS asks if the operating system is Linux. We have found yet another case where mimicking the Windows behavior instead of writing to the spec is the right choice if you just want your machine to work properly

What about the 50million cash to SCO?

Comment: Re:Actually there are certain tests (Score 1) 57

by marcello_dl (#49337095) Attached to: Short Circuit In LHC Could Delay Restart By Weeks

Simulations are inspired by the way the universe behaves.
If you discover that the universe can be implemented in the same ways a simulation is, you have simply done a kind of circular reasoning. Reality looks like a simulation that looks like reality.

Not to detract from studies (captcha: proceed), It is very interesting to model how the universe MIGHT be implemented, but the ultimate implementation, or whether the concept of implementation has any meaning applied to the universe as an object, are theoretically and practically beyond our reach.

Comment: Re:It's the universe trying to stop us innit... (Score 1) 57

by marcello_dl (#49335981) Attached to: Short Circuit In LHC Could Delay Restart By Weeks

> Emulators DON'T have the quirks and timing issues of real hardware

In fact the comparison was among the host hw, not the emulated hw vs. bare metal. The code correctly implementing a full VM must run with the same results on all hardware where it has correctly been ported. I know it's theoretical because VM code gets advantage of bare metal (hw clock, RNG) but then the simulation is not perfect and it's a problem of the sim, not of the example.

To cut it shorter, in the domain of tic tac toe games defined as the sequence of X and O placements, one game is exactly the same no matter if it was vs. man or vs. machine, or on a blackboard, or on a piece of paper, as all of such variables are metadata, not data.

Comment: Re:It's the universe trying to stop us innit... (Score 4, Interesting) 57

by marcello_dl (#49334181) Attached to: Short Circuit In LHC Could Delay Restart By Weeks

The universe does not need to stop us, because from the inside of it you can never prove you have the faintest idea of the way it is implemented, even if you got to model and understand every single particle and every single interaction. Does an insulated VM run on intel or on powerpc or on a commodore 64 with a hell of a RAM expansion? no way to know from the inside of it.

So the most rational reason becomes: they tried using systemd to speed things up but some not well documented glitch made the thing shut down. The short circuit is a scapegoat.

"If you own a machine, you are in turn owned by it, and spend your time serving it..." -- Marion Zimmer Bradley, _The Forbidden Tower_