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Comment: Re:So, 23 years ago he was trolling (Score 1) 105

by marcello_dl (#47755471) Attached to: Linux 3.17-rc2 Release Marks 23 Years of the Linux Kernel

Ok, but then let's consider the fact that in 2002 you could install the powerpc port of linux on a powerbook and have everything, gigabit ethernet, 3d, wireless, sound, firewire, working with open source drivers (the modem required a blob). While now you have trouble with firmware, drivers, boot process, even finding the keys to boot into bios/uefi mode. No I am not talking about the crypto keys, the KEYBOARD keys are not so well documented for new laptops.

In other words, if hardware makers hadn't all these advantages with OSes where upgrading is a commercial, not technical matter (windows, OSX, and possibly systemd/linux if I know my onions) you'd already have had a trouble free desktop linux experience 10 years ago. I switched around that time and am quite satisfied. Captcha: "prouder"

Comment: Re:They're not gamers. (Score 1) 273

by marcello_dl (#47741793) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

It's actually quite easy.
Gamer : playing games = Photographer : taking photos.

Actually for my definition, people who spend time in any game where rewards depend on investment of time or money instead of skill and time devoted to improve it, are NOT gamers. Your WOW stats are irrelevant, your tempest high-scores definitely not.

Comment: Re:The scammer's dream. (Score 1) 172

by marcello_dl (#47553439) Attached to: US States Edge Toward Cryptocoin Regulation

> That's why Bitcoin needs regulation

Regulation doesn't stop scams, it merely makes them more creative. Let's regulate 'till only lawyers can own a business? Scams could be not prevented but undone, by total transparency and traceability, which is easier to implement than you think ("the books have no trace of transactions involving you and this thing? then you don't own it").

But, unfortunately, transparency would expose powerful people and their tricks, so the powerful people allow STASI-like spying and your children groped at the airport, so you rebel and seek comfort in privacy. Checkmate, you lose.

I am against BTC regulation because every time you earn something real or money, from bitcoin or whatever, you should put it in the tax form else you're being dishonest. BTC, like virtual game goodies, fall in this category IMHO.

Comment: Re:Server 2012 already looks like Windows 8. (Score 1) 322

by marcello_dl (#47523721) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

You look at trees and miss the forest. Bash deals with unix commands and tools, that means that if I need OOP i can do it in the scripting language of choice, which comes in a no strings attached license. It also means that a one liner can produce a mastered standard video dvd with a transcoded and trimmed video clip.

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by marcello_dl (#47500635) Attached to: Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

When a civil airliner went down near Ustica, the amount of disinformation and cover up was so extensive that western governments cannot claim they have always had higher standards. The moral responsibility of Italian, US, and possibly other EU countries towards the victims with regards to the truth is there no matter which theory you agree more with.

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