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Comment: Re:me dumb (Score 1) 132

by marcello_dl (#49547451) Attached to: Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox

The problem is that people keep insisting that action at a distance is spooky because it doesn't match their model of how things behave, forgetting about the fact that the scale of our perception is different from parsecs or nanometers.

What's wrong with particle A being entangled to particle B without nothing ever being between them? What's wrong with the same entanglement working with a positive or negative time delay, so the result is visible before the choice itself (which doesn't BTW imply the lack of free will)?

This is like saying the rules of conway's game of life are not realistic because one dot can emerge from nothing. OK, doesn't model our universe, So What? All alternatives simulation rules are equally arbitrary, and we simply consider emergence from nothingness a problem because we don't see it happening in our world. If it happened we'd have other models of reality, they would work as well as those we have, and if somebody made a simulation where nothing gets created from nothing we'd scratch our head and say: "Why?"

Comment: Re:Might want to check your facts (Score 1) 347

by marcello_dl (#49543843) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

Good day Mr. Literal, you have a very limited concept of "work" but I don't blame you, it's a sign of the times.

Usually, an HD does not mangle filenames nor folder layouts, nor needs updating a firewire_id entry every time a different system mounts the ipod, else have it misbehave.

"Youâ(TM)ll find your music there randomly scattered across multiple folders and with scrambled file names"

I have used Ubuntu for a long time and have 12.04 version. Love it to bits, but the only problem is when we want to put different music on iPod products. Use Rhythmbox, but that doesn't work, it just seems to remove all the music. (suggested solution: use a VM)

Before android got dominant and ditched usb storage, the ipod was unique in having basic I/O functionality made difficult on purpose.

Comment: Re:Instead... (Score 4, Interesting) 355

because their algorithm is exploited. because the internet is migrating to stupid youtube crap which contains the info you needed after 15 minutes of irrelevant stuff. because wikipedia, which for all its good intentions is a monoculture, gets top spot.

and finally, because by dictating which protocol you should use, caching be damned, and which mobile layout optimization should be performed, they ceased being a search engine.

A search engine is about Content not Presentation.

Comment: easy one (Score 1) 104

by marcello_dl (#49425975) Attached to: Google Let Root Certificate For Gmail Expire

The message I get is: "we don't like when you use a mail client to access gmail, we'd rather prefer the web interface, potentially monitoring your behavior down to the keypress and the time before you scroll past that pic, and not letting you store the content on your PC by default. So let's start by not caring about that cert expiration, let's see what the public reactions are."

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