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Comment Re:Get real audio recordings (Score 2) 135

> Actually, from an audio engineering perspective, this is quite true (at least for vinyl), since all records were run through a low cut filter in order to eliminate rumble/skipping due to low sonic frequencies distrubing the needle in a record groove.

sub 20 hz would be filtered by the rest of the audio chain (hello psychoacoustic filter on all compressed music), or would end up disturbing the mix anyway. Judging the excursion of the speakers in some badly mastered techno records, i think that vinyl can go sub-20hz.

The problem with skipping is instead the low frequency phase, due to the way stereo information is encoded in the groove.

> If we are talking a clean, complete signal, vinyl records have plenty of deficiencies of their own, despire what so-called "audiophiles" might tell you.

Well I'd first scrap 44.1khz, cellphones, pc speakers, crappy DACs, only then I'd look at vinyl.
The low range is good enough on vinyl, it's the upper range that suffers, plus those pops and noise.

OTOH the sound of vinyl is not a clean signal + the noise of the needle on the groove, it's obvious that picking up the signal distorts it more than a DAC does, whether that ends up in a pleasant effect, not unlike valves, it's debatable. Personally I listen to the music, not the system.

Comment Re: Why do I get the funny feeling that (Score 1) 265

- The halloween emails represent typical corporate strategy;
- MS is still a corporation;

So the burden of proof is on those who say MS has changed.

Signs of changing would include:
- Support for old systems, instead of the endless unneeded costly and toxic upgrade cycle. You cannot have volunteers like debian to better support old stuff than a billion tier corporation.
- API stability and openness, instead of pushing and retiring flavours of the month. Ask people who invested in silverlight.

- Acknowledging the billion hours, and dollars, spent just because MS thought your computer was marketshare. I think many wars have costed less to society than MS, the other corporations, and the entire system of IT based on planned obsolescence, incompatibilities, NIH syndrome.

tldr: go on trusting MS it worked so well for those before you.

Comment Re:Finish the job... (Score 1) 175

because of control. It's control that drives innovation, not people's best interest.

So, while any sane person reasoning in a vacuum would eventually decide that the internet should be about sharing data on open protocols with a wealth of different clients so that hackers have no monocultures to study and attack, we have web browsers happily executing js from sites whose url is gotten by executing js (possibly to make noscript users give up) and the government of elbonia able to tell you that that certificate is legitimate.

This generation has to go through the same hell through which the previous one went with windows, and given the nature of the notifications in my sis' smartphone, we are near.

Comment Re:What does that even mean (Score 1) 95

An alternative theory for the same conclusion, which I favour because experimental data is more accessible is:
Climbing mountains implies the increase of possibility of falling to great depths. Which means that, statistically speaking, when you go to the mountain you have indeed less mass beneath you than if you walked and occasionally fell elsewhere, where the depth is lower, or in the sea, where you float in mass denser than air.

Gotta love science.

Comment I know it, I know it! (Score 1) 85

Let's connect the dots.
Recently a study says standby appliances cost billion of dollars.
The energy companies then study alternative ways to waste energy, since possible regulation may come soon.
At one board meeting, the CEO asks "So how can we squander more energy?" and a young guy hesitantly raises hand and says "There is that thing called bitcoin mining, people waste electricity to solve cryptograph..."
  "OK, let's force consumers to mint whatevercoin NOW"

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