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+ - Major Internet Censorship Bill Passes in Turkey -> 1

Submitted by maratumba
maratumba (1409075) writes "The Bill extends what are already hefty Internet curbs in place under a controversial 2007 law that Earned Turkey equal ranking with China as the world’s biggest web censor according to a Google Transparency report published in December.
The text notably permits a government agency, the Telecommunications Communications Presidency (TIB), to block Access to websites without court authorization if they are deemed to violate privacy or with content Seen as “insulting”.
Erdogan, Turkey’s all-powerful leader since 2003, is openly suspicious of the Internet, branding Twitter a “menace” for being Utilized in organisation of mass nationwide protests in June in which siX people died and thousands injured."

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Comment: Re:Computer Intrusion (Score 0) 583

by maratumba (#44488995) Attached to: Half of Tor Sites Compromised, Including TORMail

See, that's exactly what I was talking about. We had seen countless things that should have caused massive reaction from the public. We have seen cigarette smugglers bombed by the government, mistaken them for terrorists. We have seen nobody being charged for that. Countless cases of fraud by government officials go unpunished. A 13 year old girl getting raped by 26 men and the perpetrators get away with only a few years because they claimed "the girl didn't resist them."

Seeing these things not getting any reaction from the public made everyone depressed. But it all accumulates in people's conscience. I might be wrong about what the tipping point is going to be (in fact I probably am since these things tend to happen at very unexpected places) but there will be a point that people just can't take it anymore.

+ - 'Turkish Summer' is being spread over social media->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A peaceful sit-in over demolishing a park in istanbul has turned into a giant protest against the government after the protesters are attacked violently by the police. The government was becoming more and more oppressive against minorities, LGBT communities, anybody who is not a sunni-Muslim by means of jailing after dubious trials. Turkish media who is controlled by the government is silent while millions of protesters being brutalized with tear gas and physical violence. All the information flows through especially twitter (#direngeziparki, #occupytaksim) and also other social media channels. People are opening their wifi networks as the 3G is shut down for preventing people to upload photos and videos of the violence. Rumors of internet about to be shut down are circulating around. We need alternate ways of communicating and spreading information in case that happens. All the suggestions and support are welcome."
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+ - Silliest thing you had to do on a computer.

Submitted by maratumba
maratumba (1409075) writes "Once I accidentally opened hundreds of files at once in a Windows desktop. I was in the middle of a long process so when all resulted in an error dialog, I had to manually close hundreds of windows by clicking 'OK' on each because I couldn't restart the thing. What is the silliest/dumbest thing you had to do on a computer?"

+ - Credit Card Numbers are Stolen from USC Food Stores->

Submitted by maratumba
maratumba (1409075) writes "Yesterday, students of University of Southern California got an email saying that "The university recently identified a security breach affecting credit card purchases made at food outlets on the USC University Park and Health Sciences campuses." Apparently a third party software system used in transactions in some dining halls has been breached between the period May 21st — June 21st and possibly earlier. They can't tell which card numbers have been compromised because of privacy reasons. They recommend the students to keep an eye on their credit card statements."
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