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by mapkinase (#48117189) Attached to: Carl Sagan, as "Mr. X," Extolled Benefits of Marijuana

I do not believe in democracy. I do not believe general population should play any role in making complex important decision. It should be left to technocrats and leaders, true leaders.

I state again: if someone wants to know about science, he should study science. All those colorful analogies do not worth a damn, they do not increase understanding of public, their only purpose is infortainment like news or weather.

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I never liked so called popularizers of science. You know who is the best popularizer of science? Good lecturer at the university.

Kapitsa Junior was a Professor giving lectures to fellow students from the same year. They bloody moaned from his inept lectures. On the TV he was an established host of the popular sci program, in the classroom he was nobody.

Feinman was never a popularizer like Sagan. He was a brilliant lecturer for people who want know, who were serious about physics.

Sagan, Dawkins, etc are all from the same cohort of nobodies.

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When I hear from time to time those wonderful thoughtful remarks by US politicians that seem to be so upfront against "reactionary" establishment, it always reminds of a 30-year old (at least) Russian meme called "The fight of Nanay boys". Basically, those Nanay folks of Far North of Russia had had this traditional entertainment show called "The fight of Nanay boys" where an entertainer would dress his lower and upper parts of his body in clothes in such a way so when he bends forward and stands on his feet and hands it appears so as if two boys are fighting each other

Here is an example:

That's what first come to mind when I here statements like the one from Mrs. Sotomayor

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by mapkinase (#47790333) Attached to: Islamic State "Laptop of Doom" Hints At Plots Including Bubonic Plague

The level of anti-"terrorist" propaganda is 10 times more than after 9/11, and there is no event even remotely close to that nowadays.

Notice the change in the level of dissent. After 9/11 there were Stockhausen and Maher. Granted, both of them were slapped at their dissident hands, so that contributed to deafening silence that followed.

I haven't heard a single voice that dares to doubt the propaganda.

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Thanks for providing an answer that at least remotely fitting to Muslim during this month of Ramadan:

> I mostly care about the food

Fireworks started at 9pm, right at the time I just started to eat my Iftar. At first, when I was still hungry, it sounded like pop-corn was finishing last pops in the microwave.

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