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Comment: thanks (Score 1) 340

by mapkinase (#47393949) Attached to: On 4th of July:

Thanks for providing an answer that at least remotely fitting to Muslim during this month of Ramadan:

> I mostly care about the food

Fireworks started at 9pm, right at the time I just started to eat my Iftar. At first, when I was still hungry, it sounded like pop-corn was finishing last pops in the microwave.

Comment: Re:Policy for Planetary Protection (Score 1) 97

by mapkinase (#47044845) Attached to: Curiosity Rover May Have Brought Dozens of Microbes To Mars

To begin with, the article is speculation:

>although no one knows for sure whether the bacteria survived the inter-planetary ride.

> The key part here is that when you are looking for life

You should be able to tell if the life is extra-terrestrial without arbitrarily excluding possibility of contamination.

For example, I do not need a whole history of specimen to determine if genome sequence was contaminated. There are computer programs that will do that fairly easily.

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