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Comment: Re:Implement some things yourself (Score 1) 623

by maop (#31391526) Attached to: Whatever Happened To Programming?

Actually, you can solve all of the problems that you mentioned with a CSV format. If there a commas in the field, then you add quotes around the field. If there are quotes in the field, then you transform each quote into a double quote. If there are newlines then you have a couple options. You can escape them -- transform a newline into backslash-n. Or, if your parser handles it, you can just add quotes around the field and keep the newline, assuming the parser is smart enough to handle fields that are on multiple lines.

To handle optional fields just make the first line in the CSV file, a list of the column names. So the first line defines what follows in the CSV file.

The problem with CSV files is if you need to have metadata in the file itself, or if the data does not easily fit into a single table format.

It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Flying Spaghetti Monster Gets Mainstream Press->

Submitted by LoveMe2Times
LoveMe2Times (416048) writes "While the CNN article discusses the fact that some students will be making presentations about The Flying Spaghetti Monster at the American Academy of Religion's annual meeting, I think the real story here is that there's an article linked off of CNN's home page discussing His Noodley Appendages at all (however, if you take an interest in the topic, the linked article is actually worth a read). Surely, this will be a huge boon in the quest to convert the heathens and educate the unwashed masses! Anybody here ready to give up their Jedi ways and welcome our new Noodley Overlord?"
Link to Original Source
The Matrix

+ - Our universe might be somebody else's hobby

Submitted by Maximum Prophet
Maximum Prophet (716608) writes "In this article, tml?8dpc, John Tierney, posits that we might just be a simulation in someone else's computer, based on the work of Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at Oxford University.
Not really a new idea, but it's the first time I've seen it in the mainstream press.

They don't mention it in the article, but the way to prove the hypothesis would be to look for bugs in the OS, and gain root privileges."
United States

+ - FBI snaps up Napoleon III's gun from online sales->

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "The FBI doesn't usually find itself in the business of retrieving guns but last week it made an exception: a rare Gastinne Renette carbine taken from a Paris military museum during World War II while the Germans occupied Paris that once belonged to Napoleon III. French authorities have searched for the 37-inch gun ever since and when it popped up on the Web site, French officials contacted Interpol, which in then enlisted help from the FBI.An undercover operation was initiated by local FBI agents, and agents from the FBI's Art Crime Team, which resulted in the safe recovery of the weapon last week. The Art Crime Team is the FBI's 12-member rapid-deployment unit responsible for investigating cases involving cultural property and artwork. To date, the Team is responsible for recovering more than 850 items worth more than $65million."
Link to Original Source

+ - America living shorter than the rest of the world

Submitted by jrv116psu
jrv116psu (979611) writes "America has dropped from 11th to 42nd in the list of countries whose citizens live the longest.
According to an associated press article, even though Americans are living longer than they ever have before, other countries are passing us in leaps and bounds. Apparently one of the main factors holding us back is our obesity rate...

Think about that the next time you're scarfing down a double quarter pounder with cheese and large fries! ...."

+ - Scientology harrassment attempt backfired badly

Submitted by BertDeJong
BertDeJong (1102875) writes "Making a critical documentary about the cult of Scientology wasn't made easy for BBC Panorama's investigating journalist John Sweeney, as he was being follow-up, harrassed, and intimidated for days by one "Tommy" (wearing sunglasses and a black suit) of Scientology during his investigation. Sweeney lost it after a couple of days, and explained "Tommy" where they were at. Scientology taped the event, and decided it would be good message to enemies of Scientology so they put it on Youtube. But this badly backfired when Panorama viewing rates went through the roof in Britain. Scientology are now considering legal steps."

E-Voting Reform Bill Gaining Adherants 161

Posted by kdawson
from the paper-trail-and-source-inspection dept.
JeremyDuffy sends us to Ars Technica for a look at an e-voting bill making its way through Congress that is gaining the support of the likes of Ed Felten and the EFF. Quoting: "HR 811 features several requirements that will warm the hearts of geek activists. It bans the use of computerized voting machines that lack a voter-verified paper trail. It mandates that the paper records be the authoritative source in any recounts, and requires prominent notices reminding voters to double-check the paper record before leaving the polling place. It mandates automatic audits of at least three percent of all votes cast to detect discrepancies between the paper and electronic records. It bans voting machines that contain wireless networking hardware and prohibits connecting voting machines to the Internet. Finally, it requires that the source code for e-voting machines be made publicly available."

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