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Comment: Re:Brain ZAP! (Score 1) 284

by manwargi (#47396761) Attached to: Consciousness On-Off Switch Discovered Deep In Brain

The problem with dystopian theories like this is bullets are cheap. If you've subjugated the public to the point that you can force expensive brain surgery on them, why bother? Just shoot the people you don't like.

As technology gets better and better, especially at the rapid rate that it grows, exploiting this discovery may not always be that much more expensive.

Comment: Re:Journalistic integrity in short supply (Score 1) 156

by manwargi (#46571965) Attached to: In the Unverified Digital World, Are Journalists and Bloggers Equal?

It all comes down to which of your sources has interests most aligned with your own.

And thus we have people of each ideology living in their own worlds due to the echo chambers that form. Ironic how truth has become a lost cause in the age of information.

Comment: Re:Drone Occupation (Score 1) 506

by manwargi (#46355265) Attached to: US War Machine Downsizing?

It absolutely does and a considerable number of officers will commit suicide, turn into monsters themselves, or otherwise wind up damaged as a result of years taking so many risks and being in that much danger. They see humanity at their lowest-- ranging from all the things you'd expect in the hood to domestic incidents in people who would appear normal to the rest of the world. They get to see the gruesome ways organized crime makes an example out of someone who crossed them. When there's been a big traffic accident, they have to go be there. They get to see and smell the aftermath of murder and death, and to a lesser extent witness how it affects the people related to these incidents.

Although the job may be less deadly while the soldier eventually gets to go home, the police officer is home. Over the course of a long career of this nature what might be changing psychologically?

Comment: Re:Why all the )(*)(@! Hate?!? (Score 1) 2219

by manwargi (#46182281) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Animosity towards change is natural and to be expected of an old fashioned place like Slashdot, especially considering how long it has been around. In the past there had been a couple of pretty terrible changes to the comments section that left a bad taste in the mouths of regulars, and precedents like that undoubtedly come to mind when a redesign comes about.

I'm... going to stick with the classic layout as long as I'm able to out of familiarity as well, but I'd be willing to give a redesign a fair chance if it retained all the traditional elements and didn't get too fancy with the scripts.

Comment: Re:Why does everybody want to get on drugs? (Score 4, Insightful) 526

Everyone has a vice for coping with a hard, painful world. Sometimes it is drinking. Sometimes it is smoking. Sometimes it is cheating on their partner. Porn. Hard drugs; and some would dare to argue that prescribed psyche medication is the same thing but more legal. Escapism to the fantasy of books/movies/games. The excitement of gambling. In the absence of these things people will do absolutely absurd things to get out of their skull such as strangling themselves or "i-dosing". Don't forget about suicide. Many brilliant minds belong to someone addicted to something or depressed and looking for a way out. While I don't smoke or use any drugs myself I won't judge anybody who does too hard.

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Elections currently take the form of the Prisoner's Dilemma. The dominant strategy is to vote for the "lesser of two evils" because the risks involved voting third party are far more severe, as demonstrated in the 2000 election.

America could benefit from Approval voting and perhaps that would be a system that the public of both the left and right wing parties could agree upon? The big question would be how to get the idea to catch on and eventually voted in.

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by manwargi (#43458345) Attached to: Explosions at the Boston Marathon

As an American who is sufficiently aware of just how vile and gruesome said records are, I concur that a lot of us went crazy and still are. It escalates conflict, it sets a bad example that other countries imitate, and it wastes a lot of energy and resources.

Be there for the people who are hurting and scared as a result of these attacks, instead of spending a lot of time on fear and loathing of the culprits. You'll feel better and come out of it less of a monster. You know, "United we stand."

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