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Comment Americans find out globalism sucks! (Score 1) 614

When US corporations were invading the world and destroying local economies, they all said: It's globalization, competition, capitalism, deal with it! Now that the global workforce is starting to compete with US workforce by offering better quality and lower cost (not always, I understand there will always be shitty techies that think Java = Javascript but that's not my point, I am talking about skilled people) now it's discrimination, communism, bla bla. How quickly we forget...

Comment It will only take one thing (Score 1) 239

It will only take one thing: Lack of the possibility. As long as they technologically can, it will happen. They are and always have been above and beyond the law due to their nature of being "secret" services. The very concept of secret service is to get intelligence by any means necessary, as long as you don't blow your cover. Because if you don't blow your cover, nobody will ever know what laws you have broken, so you are essentially above the law.

Be a little realistic, a secret service has and uses back-doors to virtually every known dataset in their own country, and sometimes even from other countries. Google database, Facebook database, passports database, AT&T phone records database, I mean they show this even in the movies, where they kind of tone it down, I image in reality they are not as moral as they want to seem in the movies (as in we can't tap that guy's phone/email/facebook account without a warrant, it's not legal/ethic, yea right). The only true hindrance is that they can't use it in court unless they prove it was obtained under a warrant. But with all the secret courts existence, it's absolutely a breeze to get a back dated warrant.

The technology is here, the power is here, all it takes is the right political context (some big ass fear inducer in the population) and the right leader for the US to become an Orwellian state.

Comment Re:Very sad (Score 2) 277

There are literally hundreds of phones on the market right now, with ANY imaginable size (i should know, I am an android developer). Just go with the 5s, there is nothing in the 6 you will notice except screen size.

Yet I agree, they are stupid for offering phablets only. They are in the other extreme now.
In my opinion, the optimum number would be 3:
Small (existing size), medium (iphone 6 size) and phablet (iphone 6 plus).

But they probably had tons of iphones 5c/5s in stock and wanted to get rid of those :)

Comment Battery life (Score 1) 253

The next big moon to shoot for is to maintain the current performance, but dramatically increase battery life. There hasn't been a battery breakthrough in years. The good thing is that if batteries get better for phones, our entire electronic world will improve. Or if a breakthrough happens in some other industry, it will come back into phones.

Comment Re:Anti-math and anti-science ... (Score 0) 981

I agree, the islamic community made sure that their version of history remains only. One full of victimization and excuses, where always other civilizations/countries are responsible for their lack of development.

It's never their fault, they are mostly a simple people. Yea, until they have a weapon in their hands, then they change suddenly.

Comment Re:Anti-math and anti-science ... (Score 2, Informative) 981

Christianity generated the crusades? Did you like attend a history class ever?

I do not condone the behaviour of some dumb idiots in the army who started killing any people who they didn't like and used the crusades as an excuse for their personal profit, but the crusades were primarily caused by something very similar to ISIS.

Islam started taking over more and more, slaughtering and robbing villages wherever they could. It took 400 years of farcry to the pope to do something about the islams who were killing everyone who wasn't islamic when the final drop was the conquering of Jerusalem, when they finally decided to take action. Get your facts straight. Yes, I agree there were people among those soldiers/generals who used it as an excuse for their own purposes (aka get rich quick) but believe me, if we won't do something about these ISIS people, they will not stop until they reach the borders of the western world, and by then it will be too late.

Just one of the many sources stating that the crusades were just a reponse, a reaction to Islam agression. http://gatesofvienna.blogspot....

Comment incredible (Score 1) 533

And I am commenting this from my so called 3rd-world country Romania using a 1 Gbps (Fiber to my home directly) connection costing about 19 USD a month with a ton of taxes included. This is the only reason I fear to move in the US, that I will have to pay an arm and a leg for a decent connection...

Comment Re:What is the point of this story? (Score 1) 147

Enterprise needs clear, obvious, heavy reasons to push upgrades. It's all about cashflow.. But when you target consumers, it's all about being the shiniest, coolest kid on the block.

Apple knows that, that's why their Mac Pro line is so rarely updated/refreshed. Because enterprise needs something to be worth the upgrade. Consumers just need something shinier and newer.

Don't get me wrong, I own and love Apple products, but I still have an iPhone 4S because I simply can't see why I would upgrade, and I use things like VPN's, Exchange, all that, while the cool kids have 5S and barely know how to restart it.

Every nonzero finite dimensional inner product space has an orthonormal basis. It makes sense, when you don't think about it.