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Comment Re:Should corporations be above national law? (Score 1) 637

The Constitution didn't create a "freedom of speech", it's protecting one that pre-exists.

There is no natural right, because there is no natural force able to enforce such a right. Right, or laws, are created by human groups that are ready to enforce them on a given territory.

Comment Re:Should corporations be above national law? (Score 1) 637

The point is everyone has the freedom of speech.

This is a US constitutional right, not a natural, or even universally accepted right. Many countries restrict it, for reasons you could consider good (ban holocost denial), or bad (ban criticism of the Great Leader)

Comment Probably sincere (Score 1) 434

Many commenters will probably consider this person is gaming the system.

It is hard to live with 800 USD/month, especially when the price to pay is to live in a remote area without any job or even electricity (which is quite rare in France). That makes me assume she is sincere until further proof of the countrary

Comment Infrastructure and competition (Score 1) 119

Weather forecast need an infrastructure of weather stations. Given that they are properties of the weather forecast companies, competition means replicating the same infrastructure, or more likely divide it since there will not be more money flowing to the whole industry to duplicate weather stations.

Competition will therefore not bring a better service here. A solution could be to create a public service for collecting data, and leave competition to interpretation of the data. Or just do not leave that field to competition.

Comment Potential barrier (Score 0) 96

This is may why we may never achieve it: contrarily to fission, fusion must first overcome a huge potential barrier to bring nuclei close enough for it to happen. It means first giving a huge amount of energy to start it, and then you want it to be controlled enough to not have an hydrogen bomb in the lab.

Comment Re:Vitamin D (Score 1) 96

You may not make vitamin D from UV lamp efficiently. There may be various reasons: too low cholesterol levels, the UV lamp does not produce UVB but only UVA, you skin is too brown an filters too efficiently...

Oral supplementation is quite effective on most people, which just the problem that in order to acheive the same blood levels, some need 1000 UI per day, and others need 10000 UI (a harmful dose for the formers).

Comment Re:Vitamin D (Score 1) 96

The risk/benefit ratio of vitamin D is such that supplementing is a good idea anyway. Taking 1000 UI per day will not harm and it can only help.

But in order to get full benefits, higher doses bases on blood testing are required (because you can get an overdose of vitamin D). Studies finding no benefit tend to use a low dose without checking blood levels

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