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Comment Seriously, how to remove data effectively (Score 1) 1719

So if I had to "get rid" of data stored on a computer, for whatever reason, I would just dd from /dev/zero directly to the disk devices. Any disadvantage of this technique? Maybe to confuse who is after me I could maybe copy from urandom, but this would probably make an already slow process even slower. On unrelated news, I read (but the article was absolutely not technical and in another language) that they caught somebody hacking his previous office even if he was operating through Tor. What to do then to have effective anonymity online when looking for info or even interacting?

Comment 8 years without a TV (Score 2) 334

Not only small kids but all humans are better off without a TV. I do not own one since 2004 and I would NEVER go back. My wife (back by girlfriend) at the beginning was skeptical and then realized how much better it was compared to when she was in her shared apartment. My kids are growing without a TV and don't even show the need for one. The problem is grandma when she wants to show teletubbies or other utter crap like that. Shame on the people that make those programs. Instead, we watch cartoons on the internet from time to time, good old stuff, not the modern silly cartoons. Heidi, Fist of the North Star.

Comment More than at University (Score 1) 632

In the equivalent of 9th and 10th grades, DOS, Lotus 1-2-3 and Pascal programming. In 11th grade, Pascal again and Scheme, Z80 machine language (not assembly!). In 12th grade, C++ (Object Oriented) and x86 Assembly. in 13th grade, we were set free to explore and learn extra stuff (Java in my case).

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