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Comment: Flaws? So what. (Score 4, Interesting) 205

by manif3st (#27124999) Attached to: Self-Encrypting Hard Drives and the New Security
Personally, I can't wait for these to become commonplace. I use whole disk encryption not because I don't want my partner/friends accessing my data (my computer's on all the time anyway in an unencrypted state any business documents and porn are tucked away using TrueCrypt), not because I'm scared of LEOs or G-men (they're welcome to my files), but because I don't want some prick burgling my house, plugging in my hard drive to their computer, and posting my photographs and poking around looking for passwords to sell. So bring on the back doors, I can remember my passwords, and anyone with the knowledge to hack the hard drive to get at the data is doing it for more than my photos and old university papers. I can change my passwords faster than they can sell them.

Comment: Re:As we've seen. (Score 1) 294

by manif3st (#26999649) Attached to: The Future of Google Chrome
Very much so because Microsoft decided to name their browser Internet Explorer while their OS GUI is called Windows Explorer. As much as we, in this crowd, may consider that a clear separation of utility, the layman finds it of utmost confusion and usually defaults to the idea that because they're both "Explorers" that they must in fact be tied one and together for the computer to work at all. That is, the "internet" will only work through the Internet Explorer because their "documents and stuff" only works through the Windows Explorer...

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