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Comment: Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 1) 117

Judging by the summary you surely mean: The last gen (X360 & PS3) aimed at 720p native. The current gen (Xbone & PS4) aims at 792p native.


Most PS4 games aim for (and achieve) 1080p, e.g. Knack, COD Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4, Killzone SF SP, Infamous SS, Outlast, Tomb Raider DE, Metal Gear Solid: GZ.

Not sure what XB1 is aiming for, as in most of the games listed above - the ones that were MP anyway - vary between 720p, 900p & in a rare case, 1080p. TitanFall is the only XB1 game that has that odd-man-out resolution of 792p.

I would say, respectfully, please club things together only when they make sense.

Comment: Re: Given Sony's Track Record (Score 1) 151

by man_the_king (#44626039) Attached to: PS4 Launch Date: November 15th

That isn't the point, though. The point is that this is something I used to be able to play around with and I had to choose between keeping that functionality and letting my kids continue to use it to play all their games. What's next? What if Sony decides to stop supporting Netflix? Or certain niche game publishers? The point of my post was, Do you trust Sony enough to invest another $400 with them?

My anecdotal experience is different from yours - OtherOS wasn't really important to me and I did not mourn its loss. Furthermore, I know enough of the timeline about Geohot's first hack and its OtherOS requirement to understand why they did it (even though I think they should not have done it).

Based on their reasoning, I'm quite confident that they are NOT suddenly going to stop supporting Netflix, and CERTAINLY NOT niche/indie game publishers (in fact, they seem to be enthusiastically courting them, unlike Microsoft who initially seemed to be going the "stop supporting niche game publishers" route you were accusing Sony of).

Therefore, in response to your post, yes, I do trust Sony enough to invest another $400 with them. For now.

Comment: Re:I'm still out. Over to Sony I go. (Score 1) 216

by man_the_king (#44560593) Attached to: Microsoft: Xbox One Won't Require Kinect To Function

Because, you know, retroactively removing features from purchased hardware, suing people who try to work around those restrictions, and leaking your account details through absurdly careless security... that shows real love for your customers, right?

No, but spending the next two years figuratively kissing gamers' asses does.

Comment: Re:Lemme get this straight (Score 1) 186

That's vengeance, not justice...

If I understand correctly, then in that case, even the death penalty is a case of vengeance. At its most basic, it provides the victims (or the victim's relatives) a measure of the "an eye for an eye" feeling. It even allows them to sit and watch as a criminal is being killed (going by my "knowledge" of such from movies and TV shows).

Comment: Re:Great (Score 1) 300

no matter how many Sony fanboys want to claim otherwise, if you take a new PS3 and let it go online, you will be shown ads when the system starts. You may find them "less intrusive" than those on the Xbox 360, but they're there and they're shown by default. I certainly never opted in to them, and they appear now when I start my PS3. Pretty sure it was an update around the time that they removed OtherOS that added them.

No matter what the anti-Microsoft crowd would like to pretend, yes, Sony does the same thing with their console.

WRONG - you can set those "ads", miniscule as they are, to off. Look at this post from CronoCloud. Unless you are being sneaky in saying "a new PS3", which is what a Sony-hater or a Microsoft fanboy (and sometimes - like in your case - they happen to be the same thing) would say :- Whoa! you happened to see an ad ONE TIME before you disabled it in Settings. Same as MS. Yeah right!

Comment: Re:Sony will figure out a way (Score 1) 268

Just have to say, they did advertise the OtherOS feature. It was marked on the back of the PS3 box as a feature. The instruction manual had instructions on how to set up and use the OtherOS. That to me, says they are selling that as a feature.

Not true - check this picture of the box of the original PS3 60 GB - no mention of the OtherOS.

And providing help and instructions do not constitute advertising for a feature.

So no, there was NO advertising for the OtherOS feature. As "rossz" said above, please take up the challenge of finding an ad that mentions OtherOS. Otherwise please stop propagating untruths.

Comment: Re:Sony will figure out a way (Score 1) 268

More like "facts". The GeoHot hack happened well after the OtherOS removal. And, in typical Sony fanboi fashion, you also demonize him for releasing details that would allow people to, you know, do what they want with the hardware they own.

Nope, not "facts" - facts. The original GeoHot hack was released in Jan 2010, and required the OtherOS function of the machine in order to work. That is why SCEA over-reacted and decided to take away OtherOS. If I was SCEA, and my bread and butter depended upon games being sold, and there was a danger that this hack would affect my bread-and-butter, then I might have done the same as well.

And yes, OtherOS *was* advertised. I don't even follow the game industry much and I remember it being listed among the "it only does everything" claims.

See this. The original Sony 60 GB model did NOT list OtherOS as a feature.

Also, see this. There was no mention of OtherOS in the "It only does everything" ad.

Now please stop lying.

Comment: Re:Sony will figure out a way (Score 3, Informative) 268

The XCP rootkit alone should have clued you that you're an idiot for buying electronics from them, that was only 10 years ago. Yes, I was a victim and yes, I'm pissed that nobody went to prison for it. Once bitten, twice shy.

The XCP rootkit incident did not affect me - however, I was rational enough to realize that the incident had been perpetrated by BMG Crescendo just before it was acquired by Sony Music or during the acquisition (look up the timeline). And I like the quality of the electronics they make. I also realize that Sony had many different arms which seemed to not even work well together - Sony Music was not governed by the people who make TVs, Blu-ray Players or the PS3. It's only recently that their different divisions seem to have started working towards common goals.

The OtherOS debacle was only five years ago, the hack only a couple of years ago.

As for the OtherOS debacle, while I don't really like them taking away a feature (that they did NOT advertize, no matter how much haters like to claim that they did), I can understand the panicked mindset that led them to that rash decision. An idiot called Geohot had just decided to publicize and teach others how to use the OtherOS capability to hack into the PS3 architecture.

Moreover, Sony's response to the hacks has been much better than ANY other corporation out there - including CitiCorp, Microsoft, etc. They even offered a one-year free identity theft protection. The only reason you are harping on about the hack is because it was Sony.

...and the fact that they're going to require an always-on internet connection for single player games shows they have no remorse and have no plans to become any less evil.

You are thinking of Microsoft and the NextBox. Sony have clearly said they are NOT going to require always-on internet connection for games. So making up lies to support your claim now?

I'm willing to bet that many of the Sony-haters are XBox fans - who conveniently forget that Microsoft also screwed them over by releasing faulty consoles. Mayhaps you are one of them? Viva la Kinect, right?'re an idiot ...brain-dead stupid ...You're a fucking idiot ...dumbass.

Wow, you really have a bee up your bonnet - calling people brain-dead, stupid, idiots and dumb-ass just because they happen to prefer buying well-made products.

Since you've now insulted me, sworn at me, and called me names multiple times, let me respond in kind: you are a grudge-nursing, bilious, vindictive, jerk.

Comment: Re:Sony will figure out a way (Score 2, Funny) 268

All the better to deliver rootkits, DRM'd DLC and other Sony owned crap. Let's not forget the special consideration their PS# packets will get to improve their customers' perceived experiences.

Oh, I almost forgot ... this will help hackers harvest data faster from Sony the next time they leave their back doors wide open.

And...cue the Sony-haters: no matter that Sony has been mostly on the right track these last few years. Keep nursing your grudge, haters, while rational people - who are able to recognize that times change, people change, and even corporations can change (esp because they have been brought down to kneeling like Sony has been in recent times) - will take advantage of Sony's offerings.

Comment: Re:Take The Fanboy Goggle Off (Score 1) 146

by man_the_king (#42465087) Attached to: In Japan, PlayStation 2 Ends a 12-Year Run

Quick google of NeutronCowboy Xbox

What a surprise! The lame attempt at pretending to be a 'grown up' above silly things like 'graphics' is just another angry and bitter Xbox fanboy...

Like here, where he is criticizing the potential of sponsored Achievements? Oh wait, he was not supporting MS there...but feel free to keep on ranting.

I like the PS3 - it's my console of choice - although I do have a 360 Slim, Wii, PS Vita, 3DS & PSP as well. However, I have to say - RogueyWon was being kind when he implied that the PS3 and 360 versions are running neck-to-neck in some cross-platform game; in some of those games, the 360 version is actually better. By far.

On the flip side, I do think that Richard Leadbetter of Digital Foundry (over at Eurogamer) has demonstrated some fealty to the XBox brand in the past - by selective importance being given to attributes - like framerate, tearing, anti-aliasing, lighting, shadows, etc - depending upon which console version performs better at which attribute - with the desired end-result being to give the impression that overall the 360 version is better. He has also been pretty biased in the past as he has often implied that "poor 360 versions are the developer's fault" (e.g. FFXIII face-off), but "poor PS3 versions are the console architecture's fault" (almost all face-offs where the PS3 version is significantly worse than the 360 version).

However, I agree with you on one point - and one point only - that so far I haven't seen anything on the 360, cross-platform or exclusive, that equals or looks better than some of the visually top-end PS3 exclusives. In my opinion.

Build a system that even a fool can use and only a fool will want to use it.