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Comment Re:More Fearmongering (Score 3, Interesting) 203

Weather *is* cyclical you know, and with climate change some places are going to be hit with even more aggressive patterns.

Or there could be other problems brewing. I'm not sure what the water table usage in Australia is, have you looked into it? It's one of those things that can be really bad when the water runs out but nobody thinks about because it's out of sight, out of mind. Just look at California - they've been drawing way more out of the aquifers than can possibly be replenished for decades and it's causing the actual ground to sink. One day not too far off those aquifers will be dry and then their entire agricultural sector will be screwed.

Comment Re:Poor choice of service? (Score 1) 706

So to use your own words:

> "Single Female seeking Males" (implied "attached Males")

> "Attached Female seeking Males"

Implied ATTACHED MALES. So she's basically engaging in potential homewrecking. MAYBE if there was a dialog option for seeking Single males you might have a point.

This is splitting hairs though. There are LOTS of online dating sites out there, and only one specifically marketing itself to cheaters. Claiming she went there to find single men is like claiming you read Playboy for the articles. It MAY be true, but incredibly unlikely.

Comment Re:Poor choice of service? (Score 1) 706

The front page tagline of the site is "Life is short - Have an affair". It is NOT a place for single people, no matter how many people try to spin it otherwise.

"If you truly feel a bit sorry for the women then you have to acknowledge that this is actually the correct site for her to be on"


"as users of a regular dating website would not be expecting and probably be very weirded out by finding out she was married."

Oh please. I know several people in open relationships who use PoF and OK Cupid with no problem at all.

Comment Re:Puritans are scum (Score 1) 706

Oh the irony! You are also only offering black and white categorization of the issue.

Also, I wasn't aware that looking scornfully at someone engaging in marital infidelity was "puritanism". I thought that was common sense. But hey,enjoy your open relationship, even if you didn't agree to it. Wouldn't want to be a Puritan now would you?

Comment Poor choice of service? (Score 5, Insightful) 706

" one user who commented on the article said she's been "a long term member" of the site because her spouse's medical condition has affected their intimate life. Her spouse knows she's engaged with other Ashley Madison members, she says, but now fears she will likely lose friends and have to find a new job now that her association with the site is out there."

At the end of the day these people signed up for a site whose primary market is marital infidelity. I feel a bit sorry for the woman referenced above, but I also have to wonder if the partners of the people she's "engaged with" on AM were as accepting as her husband was. I kind of doubt it.

There are a lot of other sites out there that don't specifically target cheating that she could have used instead. By choosing to have her hookups through that site she was pretty much guaranteeing that she was actively screwing around with someone else's relationship.

Comment Re:Ouch? (Score 1) 301

> This statement is like saying "Yeah, I know revenge porn is bad, but the real blame lies y'know, with the girl who sent nude pictures in the first place. It was only a matter of time before someone re-published it"

Ex-fucking-cuse me? How about this perspective:

Sending porn to your boyfriend is not a crime. Revenge porn posting is a crime

Adultery is actually still on the books as a crime in 21 US states. Does that not mean that AM was a potential facilitator of criminal acts in those 21 states? I think it does.

Quite different circumstances between items 1 and 2.

Comment Re:We are stupid (Score 1) 378

Oh I think it's a little less than that at idle, but then again I would still turn one off between jobs at home. And the light dimming and your UPS screeching is just one more reassuring way to know that the mighty HP4si is about to bring its full arsenal to bear on printing your document the way you want it. POWERRRRRRRRR!

Comment Re:We are stupid (Score 1) 378

Samsung laser printers work fine for me, and I've used knockoff toners in them for years without issue. Or if you just print black n white, go for old school reliability and find someone selling an HP4/HP4si. Things are built like a tank and will probably last longer than you will.

Comment Re:It's already BEEN blocked. (Score 3, Insightful) 141

It isn't something a lot of Reddit users and probably admins disagree with so that is probably part of it. More importantly it's illegal in Russia and most of the world, but it is LEGAL in 4 (and counting) US states. So does Reddit start banning things that are illegal only in some places? What happens when Saudi Arabia's government objects to threads being posted with pictures showing women not appropriately dressed for Saudi Arabian standards? Or the subreddits for beer and craft brewing, etc I am sure are all highly illegal in several Muslim countries, gotta ban those too right?

Comment Re:It'd be hilareous if not so sad... (Score 1) 338

Indeed that it is what I am referring to, and also that coal plants have killed more people through their pollution than nuclear plants have, by orders of magnitude. Yet everyone loses their minds at the thought of using nuclear power while the coal rolls.

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