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Submission + - Mass Effect 2 Leaked for PC and Xbox 360 (criticalgamer.co.uk)

unknown_gamer writes: Mass Effect 2 was leaked online last Thursday, just five days before the game’s official release on Tuesday, January 26.

According to an article by TorrentFreak, both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game are now being pirated online. There were already over 300,000 downloads of the game as of Sunday, January 24. At the time of this writing, some 30,000 users are currently downloading the game from a popular piracy site.

Downloaders have been vocal about the game experience so far. Apparently, hundereds of players have already completed the campaign, and many of them are posting rave reviews, claiming it bests its award-winning predecessor in terms of graphics, gameplay, and story. Most claim that they plan to purchase the game upon its release.

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