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Comment: Re:Gender based funding summarized: (Score 1) 88

by maliqua (#47955947) Attached to: Is Google's Non-Tax Based Public School Funding Cause For Celebration?

[Citations Needed]

These "projects" you mention. Care to give examples of each? I know, coming up with actual facts is much too difficult. Especially hen those pesky facts interfere with your biases. Poor baby!

Girl launches discrimination suit to join boys only wrestling team

Girl files discrimination suit to join boy scouts

Strip Club sued because it didn't want women patrons.

Want more?

Comment: Gender based funding summarized: (Score 0) 88

by maliqua (#47955601) Attached to: Is Google's Non-Tax Based Public School Funding Cause For Celebration?

Project A: Project to help anyone learn a certain skill set and better themselves
Project B: Project to help men transition into primarily female dominated career paths
Project C: Project to help women transition into primarily male dominated feidls

Here's how this plays out:

Project A: gets lots of applications from all walks of life and helps everyone interested until they run out of funding.
Project B: gets many male applicants, project goes smoothly, a female applicant is denied, then launches a law suite for discrimination project B dies because the life blood was sucked out of it by an unhappy woman
Project C: helps many women, no men try to apply and even if they do they simply accept they're not invited to this party, then it continues much like project A

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by maliqua (#47945795) Attached to: Home Depot Says Breach Affected 56 Million Cards

every home depot in my city is basically 1 staff at each entrance and exit

30 check out lanes all closed, 4 self check out lanes guarded by one person who's too busy texting to do anything useful

i'm glad home depot went to shit in my city before the data breach i used to shop their but since they turned into big self service wear houses i haven't been back.

Comment: Doesnt Hurt to try (Score 1) 234

by maliqua (#47938535) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Pick Up Astronomy and Physics As an Adult?

Go for it, don't quit your day job, and worst case scenario you never manage to contribute anything major to the field, but you gain a greater understanding of something you find interesting. Best case scenario you excel discover all the mysteries of the universe.

All you have to lose is the time you spend on it, if it's a passion of yours then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Say what? Canada is common-law based, same as UK, US, Commonwealth nations etc. I guess what you mean is that the judges might look at intent more closely...

I mean exactly what i said, common-law refers to a system of consistency basing decisions of how crimes are handled and how evidence is weighted against established president in previous similar cases, and is designed to ensure consistent and equal treatment of similar circumstances going forward.

Common-law systems can be enforced by following the letter of the law, or the spirit of the law. In the united states the letter is followed more rigidly than in Canada. Both systems have merit and both systems are common-law based (Yes i know the usa doesn't exclusively follow the letter of the law but its more rigid than here in Canada)

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