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Comment: Glamor acceleration (Score 1) 83

by malevo (#46585783) Attached to: XWayland Aiming For Glamor Support, Merge Next X.Org Release

It does not yet have direct rendering or any acceleration, but those patches should come soon.

The patch series emails have more details. The big news here is that XWayland is ditching its old DDX model for one based on Glamor. eliminating the need for any drivers to be written to support X11 on Wayland:

Glamor provides 2d acceleration using openGL.

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+ - How to walk in English, using cellphone tracking->

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DJ Fadereu
DJ Fadereu writes "On Saturday the 28th of July, I walked for seven hours in Bombay's art district. I was carrying a cellphone which I did not touch during the entire journey. Using cell tower triangulation, I oscillated between the three vertices of a virtual triangle, and a central 'safe zone' to create a trinary notation trail. My phone transliterated this trail into plain English and sent it out as an SMS. We've put up some pictures from the event. I walked in English, which is a kind of first in history ;)"
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+ - UT3 on Linux or Mac Anyone?

Submitted by Space-Nut
Space-Nut (675645) writes "It is well known that the Unreal Tournament series have tried hard in the past to make their games available for Linux and Macs. With the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3 release sometime soon and a statement back in May from Mark Rein in thread about DX10"..All this means is that UT3 will support DX10 — it does NOT mean that DX10 is required! We expect the vast majority of our users will be Windows XP / DX9 users. We will also support Mac and Linux as per usual." Is anyone else really excited about UT3 and 2007 and will you support Epic in providing a Linux and Mac version by buying the game?"

+ - Plant grown insulin could be a diabetes cure.-> 2

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MamaEri writes "In a study by UCF professor Henry Daniell, he found that by genetically splicing insulin into Tobacco and Lettuce plants, these produce an insulin laced plant. Then he gave a freeze-dried powder of these plants to mice with diabetes. After 8 weeks the mice had normal sugar levels and were producing their own insulin."
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